Accident Compensation Claims

To get accident compensation claims accepted in the UK, you should contact your lawyer immediately after the accident. The kinds of accidents you might get involved in include road traffic accidents, hit and run accidents, accidents at work, accidents caused while performing leisure activities, and whilst on holiday abroad. Injuries might include lacerations, fractures, and whiplashes.

You can get accident compensation if you are involved in a road accident as a driver, passenger, cyclist, or pedestrian. The other party's insurance company makes the payment, in hit and run cases and in others where there is no insurance cover.You could also get injured in accidents while performing leisure activities. If you can prove that the accident was caused due to negligence by someone else or due to the use of faulty equipment, then you can make a claim. However, you can make no claims if you injure yourself as a result of your own actions. You can even make a claim if you get injured while living abroad.

Lawyers involved in the accident compensation claims need to belong to the Association of Personal injury lawyer Glasgow or the Law Society Personal Injury Panel. They should be experts in personal injury law and should be able to describe events in simple language.

You can make a claim if someone else has been at fault and can pay a sum in damages. You need to be 18 years and above to make such a claim. The accident should have occurred within the last three years. You can also make a claim if you have been injured and have had to suffer a loss of earnings temporarily. However, if you have suffered an injury due to your own actions, you may not receive compensation.

But let us put all the technical stuff aside first. According to Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, JD, "Estate Planning should not be just about the transmission of wealth. Estate planning is also about the transmission of values. For many, this encompasses the passing on of religious beliefs. With a modicum of effort, every legal document and transaction can be reconciled with your religious views."

Many surveys indicate that more than 95% of Americans believe in God or some form of higher power. However, there are only few estate plans that address aspects of religion and philosophy.

Unfortunately, most wills and estate plans are standardized forms that focus on saving taxes or the division of assets. But in estate planning, it is almost always the personal issues that create the most pain for the families. Individuals who wish to do estate planning should insist that the estate plan must be tailor made to meet their personal and family situation. The family's religious beliefs should also be addressed.

There have been many family tragedies that may have been avoided if only proper estate planning was done ahead of time. There have been fist fights at funerals between family members, over which religious customs should be observed. Some families of couples of different faiths fight over which cemetery they should be buried in. Maybe, if there had been arrangements to be buried in an anti sectarian law cemetery were made ahead of time, hostility between families would have been avoided.
Estate planning should not be restricted to just the legalities and tax issues. People who do this, are doing it for the family and loved ones that will be left behind. It is therefore important to consider all religious beliefs (or lack thereof) when making all decisions. Grieving for a departed loved one is difficult as it is so, why not make it easier for your family to go through the process?

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