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Be it any wedding, birthday party, official meeting they are there. “Let us worry about the arrangements and every hard work that is involved while you enjoy a tension free atmosphere with your guests” such is what said by Spitmaster- a name in event organization. They offer a comprehensive quality of catering services that will make you relax at back of your seat without worrying anything about food preparation, servicing or cleaning.They let you at your ease and choosing a high esteemed organization like them which gives the comfort of selecting from their extensive Spitbraai or Steakbraai menu which is given the name of “Spitbraai hire”. It also eradicates the worry about any cleaning or clearing. They assure you that there will not be any unwelcoming surprises waiting for you at the end of the event. Ranging from cutlery, crockery to cleaning and clearing, they do all sorts of work to make you trouble free. Their head office is in Cape Town but they have named it spitbraai Cape Town according to the name of their special attractive menu Spitbraai. There is no bar that holds you to organize a trouble free and attractive environment in Cape Town.


Here are some details for which particular type of social gatherings they work for. Be it an only Spitbraai hire that is only ordering of food stuffs including their arrangement, or any amusement associated with it, they do as per your wish. They generally work for birthdays, wedding, corporate functions, sporting events, bachelor parties or any occasion you name off. Their head office operates 24*7 and they can always work in odd hours to suit you. The Spit Braai art-mosphere is created at every centre of them with a small water body and fountain between giving it a view never seen in any event parties before.


Even though Spitmaster is based in Stellenbosch, it operates at many parts of the world like wine land and boland areas, helderbeg areas, cape peninsula areas which is absolutely without charge. The special menu can be ordered from over the phone if there is any emergency but that should be atleast 5 days before the actual event and for this an emergency cost will be charged. Spit braai Cape Town centre decides the entire menu which includes lamb on the spit, baby potatoes, garlic loaf, noodle salad and French green salad. It also decides on the necessary and apt atmosphere created at every centres and it changes as per the requirements.


The benefits of Spitmaster lie in their friendly and professional service with no mess, no fuss and no smoke. Also there is no need to worry about shopping for the right quantity of food. All the hassle of organizing such tasks is avoided. Furthermore crockery and cutlery is optional and they also provide the service of dishwashing too. Spitbraai Cape Town centrally controls everything and thus be it for any event the destination is Spitmaster which is highly known for its menu and atmosphere.