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As time passes we grow in age and with increasing age our ability to see nearby and distant object diminishes. For such as condition our eyes need two types of power, one for viewing nearby objects and other for distant objects. For such a need, progressive glasses are the answer. It is an amazing invention of science in which the power in the lens progressively changes from far- intermediate and goes till your full reading power.


Progressive lenses are also known as no-line-bifocals or trifocals. These glasses are said to be ideal for people suffering from an eye condition called presbyopia. It is a condition in which the vision of the person affected sees a decline in the ability to sharply focus on nearby objects.


In progressive lenses the distance viewing field which is in the upper portion of the lens and the near vision which is built in the lower portion are blended together and the middle portion becomes the area for intermediate vision. The main difference between traditional bifocals, there is no distinct line separating the distinct field of vision in this lens. With these glasses no one can know if you have any vision problems or you are just wearing them for fashion.


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