Capinha galaxy s5

Capinha Galaxy S5-

A Perfect Phone Case

For Galaxy S5

The mobile industry offers new thing every year. In this year, Samsung Galaxy S5 version has won the mobile market beating the Android phones of other brand. This android phone has embraced all the new technologies and has come in the hands of millions android phone users who were eager to use this extraordinary invention of Galaxy series. However, people who are using this phone were conscious of protecting it. To ease their tension, a new case is developed and brought in the market which is made especially for this latest discovery of Galaxy series. As in this phone, the camera has become 16 megapixels, the screen is slight bigger, and it requires a new protection format.


An upgraded version

To give the phone a better protection, Capinha galaxy s5 has introduced in the market. The case is developed with all the exclusive characteristics that the phone demands. This case is highly functional and ranges as per style and color. Each of the case can help your phone to stand out from the crowd. The new phone cases pop up in the market very often. But very few of them come to the real help of people. The case mentioned above is one of them which is made truly to protect the S5 model in the true sense. As the phone gets upgraded, an upgraded phone case has been brought to guard it in the best manner.


Amazing characteristics

You must be curious to know about the features, the Capa Galaxy S5 possess. The Tough Armor has the unique style which reduces the bulkiness of the case. Generally the ordinary case that you find in the market is bulky and very much inconvenient for regular use. Hence, this cover is made with the light materials like supreme quality premium polycarbonate. The Tough Armor has dual layers features. The interior part is protected with a softer cover and the outer side is protected with a hard cover to protect the phone form the harms. The case does not made of any plastic and silicone kind materials.


A better protection for screen

Case Galaxy S5 is not an ordinary phone case. It includes beauty, simplicity, finest quality and excellent durability. While the 4 point rear guard protects the back section of the armor, the air cushioned technology and the spider web TPU offers a better protection for the screen and camera. The case is of 1.5 mm edge that is perfect for the screen of the phone. You can drop your phone from now. The air cushion technology incorporated in the case will prevent save the phone from unnecessary damages. The slim look of the case adds an additional beauty to S5 making it looking exceptional in your hand.


Budget friendly

If you are a new user of Galaxy S5, then you should immediately consider the best protection for your phone. Instead of looking here and there, it would be best for you to purchase this cover. This case is available in the market at reasonable price range. Before going to purchase the case, it is suggested to make an in-depth online research. Compare the price and pick the one best for your budget.