Important Aspects Of Letterhead And Leaflet Designing

Very few people understand the need for having good letterheads for their company’s official interactions and public relation activities. Although it may seem like a small and insignificant aspect, letterheads are actually a vital component of marketing. It is important to remember that a letterhead is not merely a piece of paper representing the company, but is instead your official document for all the official correspondence of the company. Therefore you should put a lot of thought behind designing your letterhead.


ust like letterheads, leaflets too are very important part of your company as they are the marketing tools. They too should be designed diligently so that they reflect your company’s status and look professional to attract more clients.

When you go about deciding on the kind of letterhead and leaflet that you wish to have for your company, there are a few aspects that you should keep in mind. They are discussed as below:

Appearance: Since the letterhead is your official document, representing your company, its appearance should be professional. It is a paper that will reflect the company and its professional outlook. Your present as well as future clients will identify with this official document, thus make sure it is smart and crisp. Furthermore, it is advisable to take inputs of a good graphic designer and hire the services of a good printing company, rather than trying your hand at it. Letterhead printing Essex will have a number of options and designs to choose from that will make your letterhead appear smart and professional.

Material Used: While the look of the letterhead is important, so is its feel. You don’t want to put money in substandard stationary. Therefore make sure that the material/ paper used for printing the letterhead is of superior quality. For example you would opt for a good thick Bond paper than use the usual think paper for this purpose. In case of leaflets that advertise your company and is used for marketing purposes, you should opt for papers that have a glossy finish. For this purpose again, make sure to choose a professional for the designing aspect and a good printer. A number of leaflets printing London companies offer these services. Many times they themselves have in-house graphic designers who guide you to build terrific leaflets.

Budget: Lastly, everything is dependent on your budget. Are you ready to spend a good amount on letterheads and leaflets or are you going to opt for the sub-standard fare? Whatever maybe your budget, you can discuss it with the printing company and come up with appropriate options.

Remember, that letterheads and leaflets are your means of marketing. Therefore you should give enough thought before designing and printing them. After all they are your company’s official documents and they represent your company. Furthermore, leaflets being used for marketing purposes should be well designed. Thus, take proper steps to ensure that you enlist the services of the best printing and graphic designing companies so that you get appropriate and satisfactory results.