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Business And Pleasure:

The Perfect Destination Trip

Although people often say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, a destination trip for your company is the perfect opportunity to do some work and have some fun at the same time.


Planning a successful trip can seem daunting, but with the expert help of a seasoned destination event management planner, a trip in an unfamiliar country can be as easy as organising one in your own back yard.


When thinking of the best place to go, it’s best to choose somewhere that fulfils all your needs. If you’re planning a conference, choosing a great hotel with plenty of room for everyone you need to be there is the best plan. The planers will be ready to handle anything you throw at them, and will be able to find local suppliers to fulfil all of your needs. Whether that’s organising logistics for speakers and attendees, providing the right type of room, and getting all of the literature ready to hand out.


If you’re looking for entertainment for both your own employees and those who might be meeting you at the destination itself, choosing a city that has a wide variety of activities to participate in is a wise decision. For example, for those in your team who would like to go out to expensive restaurants and hit the party town afterwards, you may want to choose a cultured city such as London, Dublin, or Madrid.


The benefit of choosing locations such as these is that if there are people who do not enjoy this kind of activity, then there are a lot of other alternatives. For example, historical monuments or museums might be enjoyable for someone who wants to explore the culture of the destination city. Or alternatively, for someone who enjoys shows and theatre trips, there are plenty of opportunities to book these in advance with the event management companies.


Having someone to oversee all the nitty-gritty bits of the event planning – such as the flight booking, restaurant reservations, conference organising, and general administrative tasks - can be a huge stress reliever for whoever is in charge of making the event go smoothly. Having an expert familiar with the destination in question will make all the issues of language barriers or local customs less of an issue.


It also means that you can spend more time organising the exciting parts of the event, such as who is going to come and what you’re going to bring. It also lets you enjoy the time whilst you’re there, instead of fretting about the small details that you may have forgotten to think about when planning in advance.


When it really comes down to it, you want to enjoy your time abroad and having a destination event management planner is the right way to do this.