The Very Best Tips And Advice For Successfully Dating A Hot Cougar

The Very Best Tips And Advice For Successfully Dating A Hot Cougar

Dating a hot cougar can be thrilling for a young man. It is somewhat similar to dating a woman your own age or younger but there are some differences that you need to consider to make the experience memorable. Every older woman you meet on the subway, store, mall, or bookstore is a potential cougar but it can be difficult to approach them. It is easier to strike a conversation with one in a club or bar. Online sites are also a great resource if you are interested in cougar dating. Remember that a cougar is looking for an energetic and fun man to add some excitement into her life. Here are a few dating tips to help you.

Getting A Date

When you are ready to approach a hot cougar, remember that each woman is unique. You can find hot cougars online by going to where you will see many beautiful women waiting to get in contact with you. You cannot use the same line to get their attention. Women differ in terms of the men they want. Some of them are looking for a potential boyfriend. If you are ready for a long term relationship with an older woman, you have to prove that you are boyfriend material. Choose the topics you discuss carefully. Show the woman that you are capable of having an intelligent conversation. Discussing sports may appeal to a woman who wants your company for a few days but if she wants a boyfriend, you have to offer more.

 Cougar dating is simple if you approach a woman who is out to have fun. This type of woman is more interested in your youth and not your intelligence. If you approach a woman who wants fun, your conversation should revolve around exciting things such as skating, surfing, and bungee jumping.

Ignore The Age Difference

A hot cougar already knows that she is older than you. Do not dwell on the age difference. The age difference is obvious there is no need to keep bringing it up. If you have always fantasized about dating an older woman, keep it to yourself.

Be Confident

Nothing attracts a woman to a man like confidence. This applies to both older and younger woman but it is even more important if you are interested in cougar dating. A woman finds a confident man sexy.

Where To Take Her

Take her out for a drink or meal on your first date. This gives you a chance to get to know one another in a public place before you decide to take things further. Choose a quiet bar where you can have a conversation. It is advisable to go to a place you do not frequent. This lowers the possibility of running into someone you know. You do not want a friend to interrupt your first date.

 Women looking for younger men are not passive. This means that she will not have the patience to sit through an awkward evening. This type of woman is experienced and she will only accept a second date if you impress her. A cougar may have more money than you but you should still offer to pay for the date if you asked her out. This shows her that you are interested in the person she is and not just her money or body.

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