Odd Shaped Window

Odd Shaped Window - No Idea How to Dress it? Try window shutters for decoration

Check this out to get some practical window treatment ideas for your own home. Guides to the do's and dont's. They should give you some food for thought before you leap in and get started. (The other option...bricks your window up and has done with it. What do you think?)

Answers to a Tall and Narrow window?

My window treatment ideas for this kind of window. Set the curtains wider than you would normally. This gives the illusion of a wider window. Make the rod or track around 30cm wider each side of your window. Rather than the usual 20cm. Then when you open your curtains don't push them back as far as you would normally.

Wide window causing a problem?

Window treatment ideas for this kind of window are to not set the curtains to wide off the window. Probably only 15cm at most. Even though you have a lot of fabric to stack back when they open. You can use tie backs to hold them off the window shutters. Another option is to use a thinner fabric. Another thing that works well to give the window height is a valance or pelmet. Only rather than the usual 20cm depth make it 30 -35cm deep and fix it higher on the wall. So with the curtains not set to wide and a deeper top treatment this gives the illusion of a squarer window.

The dreaded arched windows!

Best window treatment ideas for arched windows. Most folks find this style of window a real pain. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. The easiest thing to do is so simply fit a curtain rod straight across over the window and hang a pair of curtains. Just simply treat it like any other shutters Folkes.

If you want to work with the shape (talk about making life hard for yourself) and have curved top curtains that drapes back into tie backs, then this what you must do. On the width measure every 15cm across the window put markers on the window sill. Then note the full window width.

Next measure and make a note of both outside straight edges up to where the arch starts. Finally at each of the markers on your window sill measure straight up from the sill to where the tape measure touches the curve. make a note for a these vertical measurements. It's a good idea to make a quick sketch of the window decoration and jot your sizes next to the places where you measured.

If someone is making the curtains for you just give them the sizes as measured. If your having a go at making yourself then (take a tranquilizer) you need to multiply all your width sizes by 2.5 to allow for gather.

to do with a door curtain!

Window treatment ideas for doors. Normally you would have a single curtain drawing back to the hinge side of your door. It makes a lot of sense to have the curtain tied back. Sometimes there is not enough room on the hinge side of the door for the curtain to stack back off the door properly. You can have the curtain draw back the opposite way as long as you have room to draw the curtain completely clear of the door. If you only have a small space on the hinge side of your door and no room the other side. Then the best option is to have an eyelet curtain on a rod with 1.5 X width of the door. This will stack back into a very small space.

Kitchen window Ideas

Window treatment ideas for kitchens. Your over sink curtains should be a few cm's short of the work surface even if this means just reaching the window sill. Also generally tied back to avoid splashes. Another suggestion is don't use curtains and if you need privacy then fit a roller blind with moisture resistant fabric. Another thing to consider if you really do want curtains is having unlined curtains made of a good polycotton fabric. This will enable you to launder your curtains whenever they get cooking smells on them.