Daniel Handler And His Masterwork As Lemony Snicket

A perfect combination of author and actor is what defines Mr. Handler.  Born in the year 1970, February 28, in California, USA, he is known for some of his best written  films, which have already been some hits, on a global platform. He is mostly stated as an American writer, and known for some of his best works. Most of the magnificent children series are here, which have been a perfect start for the Handler show. Apart from children series, Handler has some of the most promising adult novels, which are placed under his real name.

When it comes to Daniel Handler, you are likely to get in touch with his first book, The Basic Eight. This book was rejected by most of the publishers, mainly known for its dark subject manner. His most recent book is named as We Are Pirates. Apart from being an excellent author, he is known for his magnificent acting skills. Handler is known for playing the role of accordion in various brands. Just like books, he has also master the arts of film and music, and can be easily defined as a versatile personality.

Handler is basically known for writing books in his pet name Lemony Snicket, and people mostly know him for his pet name.He got this pet name, after writing a film, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. It came into recognition in the year 2004, and has been a perfect hit, during those times. This Snicket pseudonym started in the year 1998, and the books are mentioning the lives of three orphaned Children, who are likely to experience terrible events, just after death of parents. Snicket mainly acts as a narrator over here along with biographer of those three orphaned children. He was also known for narrating audiobooks for three important consecutive books, in the said series.

Later, he handled the same narrative job to Time Curry, as it was becoming quite difficult for him to continue so many parts, together in a single bunch. Defined as a reputed name, when it comes to author, Handler is your best guide for some fascinating children books and series. His masterwork is not just limited to Children work, but has been a part of adult work, as well. His books and films are well established as top class work of art. Therefore, he is stated as bestselling author Daniel Handler, with loads of hits under his kitty.

Handler was known for appearing at different other author appearances, as “Lemony Snicket’s Handler”, and has also been part of media and books. It includes some of this commentary track, for filming version of all his written books.  Even though, he has so many flying colors, but the best known example is always related to author of the Lemony Snicket series, which was a mind boggling winner of 2004 series. These books were considered to be international best sellers, and the final or 13th series came out in the year 2006, October 13th. Later, be became the representative of this series, when the final book came into market.