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Vinyl cutters are a very important tool in the sign making industry. One cannot possibly do without it. These cutters are computer controlled and hence very precise shapes and designs can be cut out with it. Hence, these cutters are increasingly used for making banners and signs for advertisement.


If you are a beginner in the sign making industry, then understanding all the pros and cons of various vinyl cutters may be a bit daunting. But, now you can put your worries to rest. Let us tell you why. We, at Advanced Machinery specialize in computer controlled machines, automatic or semi- automatic and all kinds of vinyl cutters.


Our customer service representatives have a rich experience in this industry and are thoroughly trained about the various pros and cons of all kind of vinyl cutters. So, if you are looking for cheap vinyl cutters or some high-end cutters, you can take their advice and help.


The uses of vinyl cutters are numerous. They are also used by hobbyists to cut out custom cut covering pieces, create vinyl graphics,and paint masks or to create paper template that can be used for air brushing. They can also be also used to create a contour cut graphic in which the cutter cuts out around the graphic to create a sticker of the printed stuff.


Of the various factors that should be considered when choosing a vinyl cutter set up, perhaps the most important ones are size, driver support, technical support, spare parts availability, cost and features.


First you have to decide the kind of work you will be doing with your vinyl cutters. Depending on it you have to decide the size of your cutters. The size of these cutters can range anywhere between 8” to 6 feet. The smaller ones are obviously less expensive.


But, if your work involves preparing large cut out, you will need to go for the larger ones. Vinyl Cutter drivers are what allow it to connect with your computer. If your vinyl cutters have driver support for multiple platforms then it will work even if your upgrade or change your software. Multiple driver support also increases the resale value of the cutter.


A machine is after all a machine and hence, at some point of time, there is bound to be wear and tear in its parts. So, before purchasing any vinyl cutter, make sure its parts are easily available and replaceable. Technical support from the vendor and cost of the vinyl cutter are also very important factors. Carry out a thorough research about the quality of technical support and best price of the vinyl cutters you choose before making a purchase.


You also have to know about the features the cutter would have. Depending on your work find out if it has LCD readout? Can it contour cut? Can the location and origin be changed easily?


If your work involves large scale production work, you should invest in a quality cutter but, if you need it for recreation purpose then cheap vinyl cutter will do. With a bit of research and help from the customer service team at Advanced Machinery, you can certainly make an educated choice.


Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd. is your one stop solution for all your CNC machine and vinyl cutter needs. Whether you are looking for cheap vinyl cutter or high end automatic/semi-automatic machines for your work, we have it all. Browse through our online catalogue to know about all the products we offer.