Dr Paul Lubitz – the dedicated and impassioned dermatologist

Dr Paul Lubitz is a Canadian Dermatologist having about ten years of experience in this field. He is a licensed dermatologist and highly experienced in this field. He is currently practicing at his Bow Valley Dermatology Clinic which is located in Canmore.  Dr Lubitz an expertise in the treatment of dermatology, has treated wide range of skin problems even diagnose skin cancer problems and its treatments.  Further he also performed cosmetic surgery and skin enhancement. He is one of the skilled dermatologists.

Learn about Dr. Paul Lubitz

Dr Lubitz grew up in Scarborough and he was interested in music, literature and arts.  At the age of ten he developed an interest towards medicine which gave him an instinct to be a doctor at that young age. He was a clever student who stood top throughout his school career.  He later on attended McGill university  and graduated in science with distinction from the school in  the year 1991. His interest to go for medicine was right from his childhood. Later on he applied for medicine where he was selected to the prestigious medical program at Queen’s University at Ontario in 1992.

Being an intelligent student he tried to expose himself as much as possible to various types of medicine and not get confined to the medicines found in Canada. His interest and curiosity increased day by day for medicines so he wanted to know how other health care systems in other countries were functioning. So he began to visit other foreign countries and especially to the third world countries to understand closely this enabled him to gain a lot of experiences about various medicines as medical student.

Dr Lubitz made many trip to Africa, Middle East, Far east and South America where he tried to help in developing  primary health education and medical care to the under privileged. He believed it to be his prime duty to help the needy and a host to the undeserved community being a doctor. Later he got actively involved in the research of finding new means and methods for diagnosing malaria.

Dr Lubitz was awarded for his contribution in improving the quality of health care by the Prime Minister of Guyana in the year 1995 which was supposed ot be his one of the most memorable accolades. After getting graduated in the year 1996 with a Doctor of Medicine degree he continued his medical studies to further get specialized in the field of dermatology. He joined post-graduation degree in Dermatology and Cutaneous Science in Edmonta Alberta. After a period of five years he the residency program and in the year 2001 he received the licence to practice dermatology.

Besides this Dr Paul Lubitz also gained hand on clinical experience by working with all the experts and well known dermatologists. He further went to study still more advanced courses in order to offer his patients the most advanced treatment in dermatology. He later became the Board Certified Dermatologist in Canada as well as in USA.

Having ten years of experience as a medical practitioner he was running an advanced and surgical dermatology office. At present he is up with a dermatology clinic named as Bow Valley Dermatology clinic in Canmore General Hospital providing quality committed care to the patients.  You need to visit this website to get the detailed information about Dr Paul Libitz.