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Corporate Branding

In recent years ice art get popularity throughout the world and it is found to use vastly in different sectors such as cocktail party, retirement party, wedding party, office party, or engagement party; corporate branding and any special event. Generally high quality and adequate ice blocks and specialist tools are used for crafting a memorable ice sculptures. In order to enhance the beauty of any party often its organizers are found to arrange live ice sculpting idea. Ice sculptures can also be used to create Logos, Designs and any particular theme; it is also found to be used vastly in corporate sector for building ice glasses, which inspire teambuilding idea. Wide ranges of ice sculptures are available wherefrom you can choose your suitable one to add some extra zing to the special occasion.


In order to make your ICE Parties more gorgeous and memorable different types of themes are used. We can’t imagine any birthday party without any animal ice sculptures; it will create an everlasting impression on your guests. Themed ice parties evolve some innovative Ice sculptures idea that comes up with versatile interesting designs including vehicles of James Bond, Oscars, seventies dancers with funky dresses, and even Halloween Witches. In order to bring more life to your parties, ice sculptures are some time created lively which the guest can enjoy with their favourite food and drinks.


These sculptures are created in freezer. Prime quality ice blocks, a wide variety of specialist tools, highly efficient artist are mandatory for awesome ice sculptures that will help you to incorporate the aesthetic sense to your party. The addition of ice art to your party will bring some magical touch and your guests will be so thrilled that they would talk about this unusual creation even when it is over. Corporate branding is the most crucial part of any corporate campaign to create their identity and promote an effective but simplest path to enhance brand exposure.


It is essential to send right message to the target audience so that promotions and branding make an everlasting impression on their mind and don’t vanished with time. In recent years, corporate branding has incorporated some unique, original, innovative and noteworthy branding strategies with ICE Designs. An expert sculptor creates eye catching, hand-woven, chiseled unique Ice Art that will perfectly grab the attention of shareholders, media, businessman, audiences, home customers, and others whom the corporate want to impress.


Branding strategies now have explored with ice logos emblazoned with company name; hence audiences keep it in their mind for long time even after the promotion. Therefore these high qualities, outstanding and impressive corporate ice sculptures are usually introduced in corporate functions, product campaign, media events, brand promotions or new product launches. These promotional campaigns sometimes become priceless with introduction of live Ice carving art. You can add more homely atmosphere to this corporate campaign with arrangement of welcome drinks for your special guests who can relish the skillful live ice carving art of the sculptor. Such corporate branding idea none has experienced before and now this branding strategy has proved its fruitfulness perfectly.