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Travel and leisure industry is one the most favoured industry sector for job seekers worldwide. It offers you the wonderful opportunity of seeing new places, getting acquainted with new cultures and helps in developing a more comprehensive viewpoint about world affairs.


Here are few of travel and leisure industry which provide extremely good job opportunities, if you possess requisite skills for the job.


Online Travel - With the advent of internet, travel industry went online. Now you can book flight tickets, hotel rooms and buying tickets for the venue. These ventures require computer programmer, web designer, customer support and sales team.


Event management - This industry specializes in the creation of festivals and events which vary in scale from Olympics to the neighbourhood Birthday party. Event managers are in great demand by companies.


Cruise ships - Cruise ships are a classy mode of travel which is popular amongst a section of tourists. These massive structures require hospitality professionals, maritime professionals, entertainers and security personnel.


Tour operators - They come in handy for those people who travel internationally and don't have time for a "do it yourself" holiday. They take care of all the details of the tour saving their clients from the intricacies.


Airlines - Air travel is the most popular means of travel for tourist especially international tourists. Pilots, Air Hostess Jobs and flight crew are some of the most desired career. However an airline employs more people as ground staff in the form of air traffic controller, ticket checker, baggage checker and personal service assistant.


Animation - Animation industry makes animated films some of which are hugely popular like Ice Age. Also they design and execute computer games. Animators, illustrators and designers are widely in demand here.


Cosmetics Industry - The desire to look beautiful is innate in every woman and man. This industry "claims" to make people beautiful. Cosmetics and the beauty industry require hair stylist, beauty therapist, manicurist and shampoo technician.


Games and toys industry - This sector produces games and toys for people of all ages and groups. It requires creative professionals and game designers.


Fitness sector - This sector works on making people fit through exercise and alternatives like yoga. It requires certified fitness trainers and yoga teachers.


The main focus is on the safety of passenger with the secondary services like supply of drinks and make sure to provide the possible comfort during a flight, as a flight attendant. It is not wrong to say if you have a passion to deal with people or you like to serve people and always ready to help them, you better join the department of Air hostess without wasting a single minute. An air hostess' job is to take care of people both in an emergency and during a flight to make them feel more comfortable.


For any kind of job, education is the key but not necessarily the most important factor to consider you can become an air hostess with less sophisticated education. All you need is determination to learn new things and always ready to serve people with dignity and cheer them with your smile. Being educated make you more comfortable and it also enhance your performance during job. Plenty of air hostesses are being selected daily who do not possess formal education or never been through formal institutions but still they get jobs because they have strong desire to learn, but with education you always have a better chance.

Airlines - Air travel is the most popular means of travel for tourist especially international tourists. Pilots, Air Hostess Jobs and flight crew are some of the most desired career.

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