electrical certificate Cape Town

Inspections To Make Sure

Your House Stays

Fit And Healthy

There are various parts of a property that needs to be checked and inspected for faults. A certificate of compliance is a must for the plumbing, electrical systems of a house. This is not just a mere formality but a necessity of the house. These ensure that your house is in perfect working conditions. While plumbing systems that are too outdated may cause leakage and poor water flow, electrical circuits that do not meet the optimum standards can be a severe threat and can cause severe accidents. If the Electrical circuits do not have proper earth connection, then the chance of a short circuit is very high which can be fatal as well as burn a house down.


If a certificate is not issued after Electrical Inspections is done, a quotations with the necessary needs for repairs is provided. Should the quotation be accepted the necessary repairs are started. The Inspection fee has to be paid in either case whether faults are found or not. If everything is found to be in perfect condition then a certificate of compliance is issued. It is to be noted that only a registered Electrical Contractor may provide such a license, and anyone else’s certificate is null and void. Anyone seeking the inspection must verify the registration of the contractor by checking his registration with Department of Labour – Occupational Health and Safety Act no 85 of 1993 in terms of Regulation 6(2) of the Electrical Installations Regulations, 2009. An electrical certificate Cape Town once issued remains valid for two years unless some changes are done to the wiring system.


The Plumbing Inspections Cape Town is done in accordance with the Water By-Law Section 14/2 as well as SANS 10252 & 10254. Similar to Electrical inspections, a certificate is issued only if necessary standards are met. During a Water inspection various aspects like the hot water cylinders, temperature and pressure safety valves are inspected. The Water meter is also checked that it stops counting when all the output terminals are closed. The condition of the water pipes is also checked so that there’s no chance of any leakage. Also it is very important there’s no kind of cross connection between dirty and clean water. The waste outlets, the sanitary ware any blockage as well as the toilet flushing system is inspected.


All accessible portions of the property are checked in a Beetle Inspection Cape Town. The Inspection complies with the beetle clause that is provided during the deed of sale. The beetle clause is a very important tool for the inspector since he gets an idea as to what species of wood destroying beetles are to be looked for. An inspector must be registered with the Department of Agriculture in Terms of Act 36 of 1947 and only he can issue a valid certificate of compliance.


The Plumbing, Beetle as well as the electrical inspections Cape Town must be done properly to and at regular intervals to make sure that your house and your life is safe and healthy.