Surreal Art- The Art That Requires Patience

The word Surreal Art was termed by the famous poet or the art critic named Guillaume Apollinaire and he presented for the first time in the programmed notes for the popular ballet called Parade in May of 1917, the production which listed the talents of Pablo Picasso, Jean and Leonid Massine.

The surreal paintings became very much famous in those days. Every surreal painting has an inner meaning and lesson to learn for the society. The paintings had a different material and the surreal artist also had their patience to paint the most critical painting with their concentration to form a unique surreal painting.

The normal features of the surreal paintings are as follows:

  • The surreal picture depict the topic of sexuality, decay and violence of the society
  • It is the incorporation of the two things which is the chance and spontaneity
  • These paintings were in a way a result of the influence of the 19th century authors known as Charles Baudelaire and many other personalities.
  • As told by Sigmund Freud, the surreal paintings or the surreal art is the impression of the dream and the unconsciousness as the realistic form of the society of that period.
  • The surreal art is mysterious, mythical and in a way magical or irrational and thus making the art very much strange and also ambiguous
  • The surreal artists used their thoughts of expression through their surreal paintings. Thus the paintings are in a way protest to the heating topics of about sexuality, ecstasy, anger, hunger, fear and so on.
  • Now also many such surreal painters through their painting teach the society about the drawback and the agony of the society.
  • There are two schools of art who conduct this surreal art. These two schools of art are known as biomorphism and the naturalistic surrealism.

Some of the famous surreal paintings are as follows:

  • The persistence of memory which is by Salvador Dali
  • Two children are threatened by a nightingale which is by Max Ernst
  • Carnival of harlequin which is by Joan Miro.
  • The treachery of images which is by Rene Magritte.

Some of the popular surreal artists are as follows:

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Salvador Dali
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Joseph Cornell
  • Roberto Matta
  • Jean Arp
  • Henri Moore
  • Kay Sage
  • Alberto Giacometti
  • Louise Bourgeois
  • André Masson

The visionary art is also similar with the surreal paintings. The visionary art is the machinery through which the painters spread the awareness to the society. The visionary art consist of the themes which includes something of mythical or spiritual or it can be only of about the social awareness. Thus the visionary art is a thematic painting by the famous painters.

Many schools and colleges teach or have a course upon this surreal painting and visionary art. And the paintings, painted by the famous surreal painters, are kept in the museums of different country. This type of art was very much popular in a typical genre of the early century.