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Charles Leaver

Charles Leaver has decades of experience as a powerful entrepreneur and an ambitious business person. He has put more than thirty years in the high technical area and has really determined numerous progressions. Charles has worked in various official positions and has headed organizations from a mixture of initiative positions that provides for him an extraordinary point of view to drive accomplishment in today's business.


Charles’s present engagements:

Chuck Leaver is serving the role of the CEO of Ziften Technologies Inc, a business with a sheer dynamic element to it that has really prepared earth shattering a product requisition that improves the security and presentation of wander endpoints fluctuating from Windows to versatile stages.


Ziften Open Exposure TM and information gives a more ensured environment by conveying noteworthy investigation for any client gadget all around the business. Ziften broadens existing security, framework administration, and occasion checking gadgets. It conveys fundamental open insights of any wander endpoint, empowering you to run your organization in a more solid, smart, and sheltered and secure way. Ziften Open Visibility TM expands the worth of existing frameworks by offering paramount learning of any endpoint with advises connectors, and APIs.


Ziften was shaped in the year 2009 and are placed in Austin, in the state of Texas. When joining Ziften, Chuck Leiver was an accomplice with Trellis Partners, a budgetary support firm situated in Austin, Texas. He entered the innovative field in the year 1982.


Charles’s professional experiences:

A long time before in his profession Chuck Leaver started work at DA/EE as an entrance level worker and because of his drive and determination he ascended the administration stepping stool and eventually wound up being the Chief Executive Officer. His endeavors as Chief Executive Officer saw him drive Da/ee's open presenting to a USD 750 million business sector promotion. For More Information Visit


Charles has really been a Director of Sales and held various different other administration positions in his long calling as the CEO of DA/EE. He has had support with big business asset arranging, provision programming, gaming frameworks outline and execution, framework advances and e-learning processes.


Charles has significant worldwide business experience working in bunches of distinctive nations. When it concerns versatile lottos, he has proposed, took care of and additionally possessed these operations in Europe, Asia, and South America. In Brazil, Charles Leaver was answerable for the giving of licenses to the phone lottery alongside different other versatile gaming provisions.


Leiver’s Motto for Ziften’s:

In his existing part as CEO at Ziften, Charles sways his executives to "escape the working environment" and give careful consideration to the needs and needs of their clients. He accepts that it is key to appreciate client prerequisites in point of interest so as to give on Ziften's plan of action.


Leaver additionally accepts that a ton of executives and entrepreneurs uncover that it is difficult to listen however exceptionally easy to talk and endeavor to persuade customers to their system for intuition which is not generally the best result. Charles in like manner believes that grabbing from past disappointments is significant to triumph. For More Information Click Here


For More Information Visit Charles in like manner believes that grabbing from past disappointments is significant to triumph. For More Information Click Here