Handmade Jewelry - Unique Jewelry At Etoile Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry - Unique Jewelry At Etoile Jewelry.


Jewelry and women are inseparable. Women adore and appreciate different kinds of jewelry and handmade jewelry always has a special place at etoilejewelry.com Etoile jewelry offers elegant jewelry designs at an affordable price. Our Jewelry line include creatively materials and one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry.

Etoile jewelry that has Womens handmade Necklace, Handmade ring, handmade bracelet and Men's Handmade rings as well. Etoile is a French word that means ‘star’. It is a venture started by jewelry designer Bella based in Los Angeles, California. The jewelry created by her is feminine and makes a woman look elegant and special. This jewelry is handmade and an effort is made to give antique styles some modern edgy designs. Aptly suited to the name jewelry is designed to make a woman feel like a star.

High end jewelry that includes handmade jewelry such as handmade necklace, handmade bracelet, turquoise vintage jewelry, bead jewelry stone necklace etc. is a part of their collection. Beautiful handmade statement necklace that makes a person stand apart in a crowd.

Nude crystal, champagne crystal, pearls, crystal beads in different colors, diamonds, rubies, natural color gemstones etc. are all used to make different jewelry pieces that include bracelets, ear rings, chain necklaces etc. Silver, white silver or gold is used to make these jewelry designs to suit individual tastes and budget. Handmade open rings and other jewelry are available at Etoilejewelry.com. Procedure manages the result' is an announcement that vehemently depicts the adoration she has with making each one piece by hand. As a gems creator.Etoilejewelry will also be featured on rawartists.org where customers can view the jewelry designs and buy them at a special price. We now creating Mens handmade jewelry line such as Stone Mens ring and mens. Feel Free to review Etoile Collection line at etoilejewelry.com.

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