World Of Warcraft WOD 6.0 Copy Of 5 People Strategy-Borne Peak

World Of Warcraft WOD 6.0 Copy Of 5 People Strategy-Borne Peak


Background: copy from the plot, you also don't know why to combat with Flying Arakkoa, anyway, is basically where we accidentally broke into the house. Flying Arakkoa use the power of the sun, according to a copy of the description: "the Flying Arakkoa is prepared to condense the energy of the sun, the energy flow to the enemy.” If you can beat them, generous rewards such as plenty of wow gold are waiting for you.

Ranjit: the Boss will put all kinds of fancy, all kinds of rotating way Frisbee, and claims to be a Frisbee bible. Hide the Frisbee is the key to kill the Boss. Boss will be a charge of skills; it is ok to avoid his positive charge, or that sentence, rather than his playful tricks Frisbee, other skills really nothing.

Alakanasi: the edge will be wired to the Boss, need people to block the rays, otherwise it will respond to Boss increase damage and life. But blocking this ray will let players to get hurt, it is not possible by a player to complete the task, and the need to rotate. Boss will be an increasing damage the AOE, treatment need extra attention. Especially when the AOE, is light blocking players need to open a certain number of self-preservation.

Luclan: Boss would call out a solar flare, is actually a bird, slowly close to a player, in the present Rush tactics, the Boss may call only at most two, so don't usually kill, a kite. Boss won't move, but there is no goal when melee crazy AOE, and AOE damage more and more high, although this situation happened is not much, but do have thus destroy the group. Boss has called a “piercing armor” high damage skill, but

High order 5 d ricks: the most important mechanisms will summon Flying Arakkoa grabbed people, throw to the outside of the combat platform, the skill and the lich king's fighting the same, and quickly kill the bird. And warlocks also once again become the VIP in the battle, because they can send back usage matrix. Boss battle will summon a little strange shields, must quickly struck. Because he will give the Boss a reduction of 90% of the shield, let you with this to the Boss, had to beat him. Sky will fall a beam, tracking a player, and leave the flame on the ground, being chased the players pay attention to carry light as far as possible to no man's land. For more information visit here