Debby Speelziek

Debby Speelziek – Admired For Her Hard Work And Dedication

Debby Speelziek, who hails from Canada, is well-known for her home-construction business, as well as the real estate business.  She has been in this service for over twenty years. She is supposed to be a a successful home builder influenced by her father, Jack Speelziek, who also was a successful home builder. The entire family members have ventured through this home- construction business.

Every woman would be keen to know About Debby Speelziek for her hard work, dedication and potential in the field of real estate industry.

Debby Speelziek graduated from Brantford Collegiate and Vocational School,and entered into the family business of real estate industry.  She was much into this business and started with the selling of the real estate in the Brantford area for Re/Max People Realty.  From 1986 to 1997 she was involved in the real estate business where she successfully excelled. In the year 1994 she was awarded as Sales Achievement Award for her hard work and dedication by the Canadian Home Builder’s Association.

She took the initiation of constructing inroads in the home building business, and with the urge she completed five phases of subdivision in the Myrtleville Heights Community of Brantfort. Later in 2000 she got graduated to become a full time builder, and the very same year she became the President of Annspel Holdings Ltd, a well known development and residential construction company,

With all the achievements and accomplishment she further moved to add a new goal to her career by doing the residential construction projects of two popular Estates in Ontario which took her about thirteen years for the entire project. It was completed in 2013.

Debby Speelziek, with her entire knowledge and experience has been a thorough source for guidance and leadership in the Canadian Home construction industry. She later became the member of the Brantford Home Builder Association. During the period from 2008 to 2011 she was the part of Brantford Home Builder Association Liaison Committee in Brantford City.

Debby Speelziek was accomplished with accolades because of her devotion, dedication and of course hard work in the construction Industry. Every individual can learn a very good lesson from her who has done an outstanding performance in her field.  The new generation should look upon her as their leader and follow her footsteps to achieve success in their sphere. One should Read about Debby Speelziek to know how she could manage to reach the peak and that too in this competitive world.   She was the only female who indulged herself into the construction field and could manage to remain in this industry and finally, became the first female president of the organization.    

People who want to get inspiration from Debby Speeziek should definitely Read this page about the biography which will create and develop altogether a different feeling in you and encourage you to do any work with sincerity, dedication and hard-work will help you to be a successful person in that particular field.