Marriage in the Midlands - Wedding Venues Leicestershire

Advantages of the Wedding Venues Leicestershire Offers

Located in the heart of England, the many wedding venues Leicestershire has to offer make it a great location to consider for your special day. Commonly referred to as the 'Rose of the Shires', the county is a glorious landscape of country walks and woodland, perfect for that traditional white wedding you've been dreaming of. Its central location makes it easily accessible from all corners of the country by both road and rail, perfectly convenient for your guests, no matter where they are travelling from. The types of wedding venues in Leicestershire has to offer are many, from stately castles fit for a princess, to humble country pubs for those a little less fond of the limelight. Whatever your dream wedding entails, you can be sure to find a venue suitable for the occasion. Whether you are a resident of the county, the wider Midlands area, or indeed, whether you simply find wedding venues Leicestershire based as an appealing location, why not explore the county in its full glory to help you choose the perfect spot for the perfect day.

A Romantic Getaway in Leicestershire

If you're viewing wedding venues in East Midlands, why not make the most of it and turn the trip into a romantic weekend getaway? For those couples at one with nature, spend a lazy afternoon meandering along one of the countless country lanes to be found in the county. Explore its quaint rural villages or adventure through its areas of beautiful ancient woodland. Looking for something a little touristier? The county is also home to a multitude of country parks and historic buildings. Cycle paths wind around the outskirts of many, offering a great way to take in the scenery. Cultural couples can indulge in the offerings of the many market towns, with a plethora of galleries, museums and theatres. Restaurants, shopping opportunities and nightlife also abound throughout the counties towns. Leicestershire is also home to some excellent golf courses and, of course, the world famous Silverstone racing circuit.

What is it that constitutes the perfect wedding? To begin with, the location takes precedence because of its centrality to the look and feel of the best day of your lives. A mixture of the majestic and the magical is essential to creating the idyllic setting. A wedding venue in Derby holds a myriad of opportunities for couples who dream of matrimony in 2013. It boasts a beautiful East Midlands location that is rich is splendor and elegance, which is a real draw for couples the world over. It may be a hotel or a church, traditional or unique, formal or informal. Derby has everything you could possibly desire for your big day.

The churches are an ideal marriage venue in Derby, and are a collection of the most desirable churches to grace Great Britain. Derby's heavy involvement in The Industrial Revolution creates a real sense of history here when you enter one these grandiose buildings. All of which have a tangible charismatic quality. To be in a church in Derby is to be transported to another era entirely. Churches in other cities do not capture the essence of that so completely. The old fashioned romanticism that radiates here is rather intoxicating and makes for a flawless wedding venue.