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Game is an activity executed only for pleasure not for any conscious purpose. In most games, the principles have a lot of importance than the elements, where in some other games the elements are important and also the rules are not important in the least. People taking part in a game for enjoyment and is typically used as an academic tool. This is not typically distributed for remuneration; rather it is a form of art that expresses aesthetic or ideological elements. Games are played either individually or in teams where players compete with each other and win the game by defeating opponents. There are many adrenaline junkie popular games which offer exciting experience to its participants and accompanied with several exciting features.


Paintball is such adrenalin shenanigans real game packed with full of action and become a competitive sport all over the world. In this game opponents are tagging each other with paint ball which is nothing but a capsules containing water soluble dye and its outside is covered with gelatin shell. All the components in paint ball are composed of non-toxic, water soluble and perishable, chemical compound. Here the players compete against one another with paintball gun and participate either individually or in a group. All the paintball gear safety and instrumentation are meant in a manner so that it is safe for all children and female participants.


The Paintball enthusiasts have set standards, rules so that it can be played in an organized sporting level internationally through exciting tournaments, and leagues. Paintball offers its player immense experience & excitement that no other games offer. Although rules for paintball vary but the basic features are almost same which include ammunition limits, attacking a particular point or area, elimination, offend or defend the target objects hidden in the playing ground, capture the flag. All the paintball equipments are maintained daily to ensure you a perfect day for your game and all the staffs are well experienced and skilled to look after on versatile paintball needs and requirements.


Paintball Venue may be commercial or private land and it is played either in indoor, or outdoor irrespective of field sizes. Fields may be of natural or artificial terrain and adorned with several themes such as historical, urban e.t.c. Small fields come up with inflatable paintball bunkers and are used for tournaments or speedball; whereas commercial venues are available on rent. These commercial venues offer certain amenities such as lockers, food service, picnic areas, bathrooms, equipment rentals, air refills, and trendy paint ball guns and other amenities like secure parking, under cover braai facility, ablutions, cold drinks and Snacks.


Weekly social event of paintball being played on Sunday brings inventive and cheerful assault among the competitors. The game is rented on first come first served basis and players practice pot-shots or spread hot paint by aggression on all. Depending on the type the games can be continued for few seconds to hours or may be extended for few days. Usually backyards or privately owned woods paint ball venues are allotted to cheap and less efficient players although the game retains its competitiveness and entertainment to its players.