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Mining, excavation, boring and drill sites all have their fair share of large mining minerals to deal with. Prior to crushing and grinding processes these often very heavy pieces of ore have to be moved away from the dig site to the crushing and grinding areas and one of the most useful pieces of equipment at a mining site is the conveyors.


Not only can conveyors handle large mining ore material the belts can operate at a continuous pace so mining can proceed in an efficient assembly line manner. There are many different types of conveyor equipment systems in the mining aftermarket and a solid used conveyor belt can handle the transportation of mining ore at most industrial and commercial mining project sites.


Most times mining sites will employ the use of a conveyor belt to transport mining ore from the dig site to an area designated for crushing, grinding or other processing. Consisting of two or more pulleys the conveyor belt features a continuous loop on which mining ore can be placed and safely moved out of the dig site. Outdoor mining conveyors are classified as bulk material handling conveyors and are used primarily for grain, coal and other mining ores.


Usually the belt on a conveyor is made from two or more layers of commercial grade rubber and features an under liner (the carcass) and the top layer (the cover). A popular model of conveyor in the mining industry is what's called a vibrating conveyor belt. Vibrating conveyor systems are versatile and can handle many different types of mining ores, feature a smooth and efficient movement of materials and with the continuous vibration will help to break up mining ore and separate valuable ore for processing from waste material.


When shopping the mining equipment aftermarket you will often find entire sections of steel lattice frames that can be fit together to create the right size conveyor system for your particular project. Lattice frame conveyor sections often include head and tail pulleys, return idlers and troughers though belts will have to be purchased separately.



The utilization of these resources can be found in a wide variety of different companies seeking to improve business efficiency and supply their associates with the necessary equipment needed to boost productivity. The utilization of conveyors have been found in a wide variety of different industries whether you are seeking to improve product development, increase the speed of packaging, or seeking to boost your resources in relation to shipping.


Safety Fencing

Many companies have taken advantage of the unique possibilities that exist with technology when it comes to an opportunity such as product development or packaging. When you are utilizing automated conveyor belt technology, the utilization of safety fencing can prove to be a highly valuable investment in order to avoid common accidents that occur in the working environment. These resources will not only provide you with easy access to necessary stations you must regularly utilize, they also help to prevent individuals from entering potentially dangerous areas so that accidents can be avoided.


Versatile Lift Stations

Whether you are assembling products, packaging goods, or preparing packages for shipment, the comfort of your associates is very important in order to avoid injury and provide them with the tools they need to perform well each day. The utilization of versatile lift stations can prove highly useful with any conveyors based technology since it will allow easy access to different goods with incredible comfort for associates so that they are not required to constantly adjust to uncomfortable or damaging positions.


Fastening Technology

One of the best opportunities a company can take advantage of when investing into new conveyors technology is found with fastening technology. These resources allow for the simple assembly of any conveyor based unit and allow for easy expansion when your company finds success or adjustments which need to be made to improve efficiency.


Vibrating conveyor systems are versatile and can handle many different types of mining ores, feature a smooth and efficient movement of materials. When you are utilizing automated conveyor belt technology.