school readiness activities

School Readiness

Activities For Your Ward

It will be improper to consider schools as the centers for offering formal education only. In the present society, the significance of education is much wide. Schools serve as institutions of formal education. Apart from this, a school has to perform many more responsibilities having much social significance. Schools have originated to serve the individual and the society. The main functions of school is preservative function, transmission function, integrating function, progressive function, developmental function, corrective function and guidance function. Schools take upon the responsibility of conservation. Conservation of culture or tradition may take place through written documents, through daily routine activities of schools or through activities of teachers. Young learners gain knowledge and experience from the subject matter thus conserved.


Some of the school readiness activities are as follows:

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Yoga
  • Table tennis
  • Drawing and craft
  • Music
  • Learning new language
  • Excursions


These school readiness activities help the students to gain knowledge from different activities apart from the formal studies and have a proper full development of the individual. Thus the activities present in the school are very much helpful for the children to learn a lot of things not from the books only but through different activities. Hence the studying with the help of the activities is an application based education which will help the students in increasing their more interest in education. Parents should support the activities present in school and should encourage their wards to take part in every activities.