Success and Achievements of Dr. Paul Lubitz

Dr Paul Lubitz is a Canadian, he lives in Bow valley, Canmore Alberta. There he runs a clinic in which he performs dermatological practices. He has treated a wide range of skin problems. He is an expert of dermatology. He had also performed cosmetic surgery and skin improvement. He grew up in Scarborough, at the age of ten he got interest towards medicine, this gave him impulse to become a doctor. He was a brilliant student, he always stood on top in his school career. Then he joined McGill University and graduated from science with distinction in the year 1991. Then as he was interested in medicines since his childhood he had applied for medicine and he got selected to the prestigious medical program at Queen University at Ontario in 1992.  He went to the world’s third country to know more about medicines there he gained lot of experience about medicines. Dr Paul Lubitz made many trips to the countries like Africa, Middle East, Far east and south Africa where he tried to help in developing primary health education and medical care to the under privileged. He believed that it is his duty to help the needy and a host to the undeserved community being a doctor. He was graduated with the doctor of medicine degree in the year 1996. He continued his further studies to become specialist in dermatology. He got post graduated with the degree in Dermatology and Cutaneous Science in Edmonta Alberta. After five year he the residency program and in the year 2001 he achieved the license to practice dermatology. He had also worked with experts of dermatology and got experience by them. Today he holds ten year experience and is practicing dermatology in his own clinic. To know more about him view this link.

Previously he used to work about 16 hours a day, and 7 days in a week due this ultimately Dr Paul Lubitz was burned out on practicing medicine. He had to take some time away from medicines to re-evaluate his priorities to figure out a balance between work and social life. So when he moved to Canmore he started taking out some time for his social life also, click to visit. No, it was a combination of a myriad and factors of inspirations which contributed to his eventual choice to pursue a career in medicine by entering in a medical school. He was struck to his decision to be a doctor in the age of ten. It was the right decision for him, he always been a healer. He always shown care towards hi patients after all he was not only helping to relieve another human of their suffering and discomfort, he was also helping to heal them. There is a lot Info About Dr Paul Lubitz. He was always had interest in the visual arts, particularly in the subject of photography, painting and sculpture, and I know this had a fundamental influence in his decision. For him dermatology provides best of both worlds- it feeds into his love for visual elements or aesthetic in life and it weds with the opportunity to heal and comfort his patients.