Have Fun On Your Smart Phones With The New Pink Bubble Keyboard Theme Skin

Before talking about the Pink Bubble Keyboard, it would be nice to talk about the mobile phones that will be having this feature. Phones are the most important device in today’s life. The invention of phone has made communications very easy. It makes you feel that the person who is just sitting kilometers far away from you has come just near you to have a chit chat session with you. Now the most innovative idea of technology has converted the phone to a multi tasking device. The mobile phone is a miniature version of the old phone and is getting updated day by day to a new level.


Early mobile phones were only used as calling, using its caller id facility, and sending short messages. Then came the time when the phones also carried the music facility with it. Then again came the time when a small camera was fitted at the back of the phone for clicking pictures, sharing them via Bluetooth, making them the phone wall paper and many more.


New applications for mobile phones


The recent development has stated a new support to the mobile phones. This is the android operating system. Almost all the mobile phones these days are run by the operating system of android, leaving aside some of the other phones that have some other operating systems. Android operating system has made life easier and smoother with its great applications and features.


The new smart phones are made in such a way that they can offer entertainment along with wide range of other applications that are useful for the human needs. You may get various games, service directories; chat sessions, social networking apps, route maps and many more that can be utilized by the humans by a click of a button.


Now a new thing that has come up is the Pink Keyboard. It is not that the keyboard of the phone will be in pink color but this is an application provided by the android to make the phones more attractive. The user will also get interested in using this keyboard them after using the boring same keyboard for a long time.


The procedures in the installing and using of the theme


The Pink Bubble Keyboard Theme is designed for the phones having Go Keyboard. But in case if someone do not have the application, then also they can get the theme in simple ways. When you open the theme on your Google Play Store, it will direct you to a number of options, following which you can install the application on your phone.


Though this theme is said to be an application as it gets downloaded and then get installed on your phone, but it is basically just a skin. An easy way to search for it is to search for the term “Smart Keyboard Pro” in the Google Search or the Google Play store.


After you have downloaded and installed the theme successfully on the phone, now it is the turn to use the Pink Bubble Glass Keyboard. You just need to open your keyboard and then hold on the 123 button for some time and the skin will appear for your use.