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A holiday is something we plan for and look forward to for months and when they go well, one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. A good holiday can be a dream come true, or the perfect result of months of diligent research online and daydreaming, or thought of as prize for hard work or relaxation after a special life event such as a wedding. One of the worst things that can happen is when the dream turns into a nightmare when your holiday is ruined by an illness, injury or something else which happens and is not your fault.


At the time, it can be hard to deal with the emotions and practicalities of a ruined holiday. However, depending on the circumstances of your holiday being ruined, you may be entitled to put in a claim for compensation. Specialist personal injury solicitors are the best people to speak to about this as they have the knowledge, training and expertise to win a compensation claim for you. They also take holidays themselves and know just how important holidays are, so approach every case from an understanding and sympathetic position.


First, a personal injury solicitor will speak to you to gather the facts about your holiday and what happened, and will advise on whether or not you have grounds for making a claim. If it is decided that you do have a claim and wish to pursue it, they will then work on your behalf to get the fairest injury compensation that they can.


Types of holiday compensation claim

There are lots of different events and accidents which can cause injury or illness when on holiday. Some of the most common accidents are those which happen while travelling on land, sea or air, any type of sporting injury such as those sustained while skiing or waterskiing, trips and falls in holiday accommodation, or those illnesses which are caused by poor standards of hygiene and cleanliness, such as food poisoning.


What can you claim for?

Firstly, you can claim for any pain and suffering caused to you by the injury you suffered on holiday. In addition, you can claim for any financial losses you have incurred up to the point of making the claim, as well as any future losses which are predicted. Finally, you can claim a sum for the loss of enjoyment in your holiday experience. These sorts of claims can be complex, especially when you are dealing with a single foreign business owner large than a large international package holiday company. It’s therefore best to have the help of an experienced solicitor who specialises in personal injury claims who can make take the stress and hassle of trying to get what’s due to you out of your hands completely.


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