Some important facts about Kenneth Eng, Vancouver

How many of the readers of this article know About Kenneth Eng, Vancouver, BC? I know the answer. There are only a few people who know about him. But it is really an irony as he is doing something that is for the betterment of our own beloved environment.  Mr. Eng is a Canadian Executive Manager who currently lives in British Columbia of Canada and has years of experience being one of the prominent employee of the world renowned company Re/Max Realty. Kenneth Eng, Vancouver completed his B.A degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia and then worked in various companies like RBC and Dataphile Software where he was completed dedicated to increase the business for the company.

In the later years Mr. Kenneth Eng, Vancouver joined Frazer Academy, as their business development manager. Frazer Academy is located in Vancouver and is a private day school for children from class one to class twelve and is completely dedicated for those children who have language related problems. He started a bursary program for those kids who are from low income group of the society which was an instant hit.

There are certain articles available in the internet in his name which will help you to learn about Kenneth Eng, Vancouver.  This article will also help you know more about Kenneth Eng, Vancouver, BC. In the year 2006, Mr. Eng moved from the Frazer Academy and became the Director of Finance in and Administration in a private Science based nonprofit organization that deals with environmental related issues know as David Suzuki Foundation located in Vancouver.

Mr. Kenneth Eng, Vancouver manages an annual budget of about 10 million dollars annually and has helped to improve the account measures of the company with his past and vast experience in this field. He has helped to improve the communication process within the organizational boundary. David Suzuki Foundation where people from all spheres of life are from government organization or from business background makes equal participation to conserve the environment in which we live and create a sustainable Canada with all the scientific inputs, research work, education and different policies.  The mission and vision of the company is very clear as it says that they want to preserve and conserve the diversities of our mother nature and by doing so they wants to improve the quality of living of the people of Canada. They also belief that all the activities that we human being do are all interrelated and may affect the nature positively or negatively.

Now about Mr. Kenneth Eng, Vancouver, BC he has started to serve as a business consultant around the area of Vancouver. He is now enjoying a four year contract as a consultant with the Canadian Sports company, Second Wave Sports. Mr. Kenneth Eng, Vancouver reduced shrinkage by about 10, 000 dollars on an annual basis in the Second Wave Sports Company. He also reduced the tax of the company by 15 percent. Today along with his consultancy service he is also pursuing his MBA from Heriot Watt University.