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Claiming Compensation

For Military Deafness

Serving in the military exposes you to loud noises caused by gunfire, explosions and heavy machinery. It’s possible that you have not been provided adequate hearing protection and this can lead to a condition called tinnitus or even long term hearing loss. Such hearing loss may not become apparent until later on in life.


If you lost your hearing or suffered from tinnitus after 1987 you may be eligible for compensation which will involve bringing a claim against the MoD. The MoD, like all employers, must respect the 2005 Noise at Work Regulations and must ensure that noise is minimised where possible. Those who are likely to encounter high noise levels should be provided with earplugs and be regularly checked for signs of hearing loss.


In order to make a successful military accident claim, medical evidence must be provided showing that the hearing loss has been suffered and further evidence must be obtained to prove that the MoD is responsible. An independent medical expert’s report will be required to add weight to your evidence. It is important to show that the hearing loss resulted from work-related activities and not other factors.


Having good communication skills is essential to any member of the armed forces and losing your hearing can seriously jeopardise your career. This is why individuals with hearing problems such as ear diseases, grommets, or perforated ear drums will not be able to sign up.


A study by the Deafness Research Foundation has found that nearly two thirds of all British troops who have served in Afghanistan now have hearing problems caused by the excessive noise they faced.


If you have lost your hearing on military duty, you may be able to claim compensation


If the MoD failed to protect your health and safety leading you to suffer from tinnitus or hearing loss, it is only fair that you are compensated. However, it’s important that you ensure that you instruct a solicitor who is not only a compensation claim expert, but who has of experience, not only of claiming against the MoD but also of military deafness cases. Appointing this kind of specialist solicitor will give you the best chance of claiming the full compensation you are entitled to.


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