Meaning Of Populism In Tea Party Book – Now In Texas

Meaning Of Populism In Tea Party Book – Now In Texas

Tea Party in Texas is expected to orchestra a new political entity-an-entity to bring direct government to people. It is considered to be similar to any other populist movements. As the idea regarding direct government is not at all new, invented in the city of Athens is referred as radical democracy. Here each and every citizen olds a direct vote on special issues that appears before the electorate.

Tea Party – of Great Assistance

In order to learn about the characteristics associated with populist movements preceding, the Tea Party Book will be of great and immense assistance. A populist can be easily believed to be a believer in the right, virtues or wisdoms of the common people. As per the definition, it does not provide a context for populism in Texas. Also the theme regarding the features of populism is also absent.

As per the experts, populism has been defined in many ways. It has also been easy to comment on the tenets associated with populism. Populism can be considered to be a reaction to quo of status. The quo may be represented either by the political parties, cultural norms and events or economic ones. As per some Texas Book, the same is characterized in order to attribute the current prevailing problems and difficulties.

Some experts assume to simplify some of the prevailing complicated issues to such extent, that the conclusion leads to devolving the same into simple positive or negative response. Previously, the difficulties were ameliorated through some alternate ways. Even the proposed solutions regarding complications in problems are not examined in a critical way. Instead, they have been stated to perceive threat along with undesirable outcome.

Exposure to Populist Programs

It is nice to know that populist programs take the help of slogans, phrases in order to    have elicited response. They do not concentrate on developing rhetorical situations. The Tea party is not alone sufficient in developing catchy slogans. Instead slogans must be considered as a staple for campaigning party. But unfortunately this thin is hardly cared after the invention of two-party system in the early seventeenth century.

Activities Performed by Tea Party

The persistence of the Tea Party message sets apart the rhetoric campaigning of slogans. Even the websites associated claim to have been taking the Government back from bureaucrats and hence perform the following activities:

  • Promotion of liberties individually
  • Encouraging of free enterprises
  • Reduction in tax
  • Promoting strong military
  • Discouraging the rise of socialism

Movements during which Populist Movements Flourish

It has been observed and recognized that the populist movements get flourished only during:

  • Social upheaval
  • Crisis in economy
  • Uncertainty

If any way to get comfort is assumed and expected, one will definitely get the same. It will also cure many illnesses up to a certain extent. In a similar way some people start taking the solace regarding the existence of easy to follow solutions regarding complex problems.

Even after several precautions, it has been observed that during the challenging and most turbulent times, the tendency to blame the nation arises. It may be either of the following:

  • Nation
  • Race
  • Group of individuals