What Evelyn Ackah Possessed

Evelyn Ackah, a native from Ghana, had a demanding career and always had craving for children. She was a married woman, and a professional who would do what she wanted to do. The couple did not have a child. So this piece of writing will give you some ideas how she strongly thronged for a child and what turmoil she underwent throughout, for that you need to read about Evelyn Ackah.

About Evelyn Ackah

Evelyn Ackah a bold and very decisive woman. She was career oriented and professional.  She loved children and had a passion of caring and loving them. In 2007 in her late 30’s when she had been for medical check-up the couple were told that Evelyn will not be able to bear a child as her body would not be the route to motherhood. This news did affect the couple very deeply, but Evelyn was very courageous and they both decided to go for adopting a child from her native country Ghana. It was not an easy job to adopt a child. Ghana was not an international destination to adopt a child where they required some strict legal formalities to be fulfilled. She thought there was no point in waiting in her native country because her vision for adoption may not work. So she decided to move further.

But in 2009 she had to get separated from her husband for some reason, when she was about 39. Though she was single, Evelyn had a demanding career.  It was high time she thought and decided to go for adoption as a single professional parent. It is not that easy to bring up a child single handedly but she was very courageous and she wanted to succeed in doing it.

Her desire to be a mother was much greater than being a wife. She kept on trying for adoption, in Ghana though she had opportunities for adoption with three children, but they all fell through. This happened between 2009 and 2011. She then decided to go to Canada private adoption but she was told that single parent adopting a child will not be possible.

Evelyn did not stop here; she further made researches with other states including U.S whether they allow adopting a child by a single parent and finding that they were favorable to this adoptin. She found Florida to be the best fit for adoption.  She nearly had given up about adoption from Ghana but urged to have a baby who looked like her origin.

In between she had much heart breaks, because some of them agreed to and later refused to give the child. Though she was a strong woman yet she was disappointed. To her surprise she met a boy from Mexico and fell in love with him that she wanted nothing more. She completed all the formalities and suddenly she got a call from Ghana enquiring whether she was interested in adopting her. At first she refused but then nothing like that she went ahead and adopted her. Carrying two kids in the stroller with an age difference of 3 ½ years, would prefer calling them twiblings instead of twins.

It is now that she started with her family life which she longed for since so many years. You can click for information at https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/facts-and-arguments/why-my-kids-arent-twins-but-twiblings/article14962304/ and realize how a woman succeeds in her life through various struggles.