What Clothes To Wear To The Races 2011 And The Ascot Of The East

Going to the races can be a great experience, but now you have got to find the perfect outfit which could be a problem. But we can help you! Below you will find a guide to the various dress codes and styles for the principal races as well as some help to choose your dresses for the races.

After picking your dress, you have to decide if you want to wear a hat or a fascinator. However at most of the races, wearing hats or fascinators is not required, they are often as much of a focus as the dress itself. At Royal Ascot Ladies Day, the headwear is often extravagant in style. Remember to know when Ladies Day at the races are so you can plan for it.

Top tips

  • Find a dress that suits your fashion sense and style, instead of the the style that is in fashion. Wear a dress that will fit your body type and shape, otherwise you risk looking like a fashion victim. Find something classy, like a dress that falls to the knee or just underneath it and possibly a classic or modern styled suit. If the dress is more proper for a night out than a day at the races, find something a little more chic.
  • The weather should determine what you wear - you just won't enjoy yourself if you are shivering in the enclosures. Look for a matching cardigan, jacket or bolero that will complete your outfit, and keep you warm.
  • Wear a hat or fascinator that matches your dress. The headwear you select should fit with your look instead of distracting attention away from it. Remember that the dress is the most significant piece of the outfit and so you ought to select that first. The traditional action for picking hats is it should be large, covering the shoulders otherwise it may make your head look big. The customary rule is that this is the day to show off your hat.
  • You bag and shoes ought to pair with your dress in style and quality to look fantastic.
  • Wearing the correct pair of shoes can be critical - as you will be out-of-doors the whole day, a handy tip can be to take along a second pair of footwear. Remember, high heels don't do so well on grassy areas.

These helpful hints should guarantee that you stand out from the crowd at your day at the races. Every female there will be in their most desirable clothing looking fashionable but you don't want to stand out for the incorrect reasons. Sopay attention in choosing your dress and outfit - look at the greatest range you can find so you won't confine your choices. To summarise: the foundations are an elegant dress (not too short), extravagant headwear (apart from weddings it is the only event you can wear one), comfortable footwear and matching accessories. I wish you a fantastic day out at the races and at ladies day Ascot trips.

The Orient Express Train, Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Eastern and Oriental Express, the Hiram Bingham Train, British Pullman, Northern Belle, Royal Scotsman. You will have no doubt heard mention of all these trains at some point in relation to the Orient Express group of trains. So let's examine them briefly and try to remove some of the confusion!

Northern Belle

The sister train of the British Pullman, The Northern Belle offers day excursions and short breaks throughout Britain from major stations throughout the South, West, Midlands, North of England, Scotland and Wales. Enjoy immaculate carriages, superb food, service and scenery to take your breath away. Visiting locations as diverse as Glamis Castle, Portmeirion, The Lake District, Hampton Court, Edinburgh, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs to name just a few, as well as trips to special events like the Chelsea Flower Show, Ladies Day Royal Ascot and Wimbledon.

Ascot, Berkshire is a small town known for horseracing.

Ascot racecourse is not just a place to make a bet, and watch in hopes of having you horse win. This is a true British social occasion. Expect to become part of a British tradition when you visit here. Also plan on making a day of it. You will find many fine restaurants to enhance your experience. Whether you rent a box or special room, or join in the general admission, this will be a day that you will not forget.

The Races

Out of a total of 30 races, Royal Ascot coaches features 16 Group races across the five days, and each day features at least one Group One race. Group One races are held in the highest regard and include 'Classics' and other races of major international importance. As already mentioned, there's the Ascot Gold Cup, plus other Group One races include the King's Stand Stakes, St. James's Palace Stakes, Queen Anne Stakes, Prince of Wales's Stakes, Coronation Stakes and Golden Jubilee Stakes.

Other famous races include the Queen's Vase and the Royal Hunt Cup, and the winners of these, along with the Gold Cup, have their trophies presented by the Queen. Interestingly these three trophies are actually re-made each year so that the winners get to keep them, unlike with the other Ascot races where the winners have to give the trophies back after a year.