Train Games - Online Or A Board Game, Both Are Great Fun & Easy To Play

The Thomas Train Games online are fun and interactive. The home site of Thomas the Tank Engine opens up as a game and places the visitors on the Island of Sodor. Once there, the game options are Sodor Race, Memory Match, Railway Journey, and Build an Engine. In the Sodor Race, participants can choose to be Thomas, Percy, Bertie, or Duck. The game has you racing against the others that were not picked. This is a simple game where the faster you click, the faster you go.


Memory Match has three different levels - easy, medium and difficult. This game involves flipping over cards and matching them up with like cards. When you are right you will hear a choo choo sound. Railway Journey is about the adventures of an engine. To play, a child is to pick an engine and follow the tracks to the right destination. The engine will sound when the correct path is chosen after the trains travel down the track. Build an Engine is the last one of this series. You can build either Thomas or Duncan. Thomas is at the easy level and Duncan is at a more advanced level. Building an engine is done by dragging the different pieces to the right location. When this is done correctly, it will snap into place. When it is totally completed the engine will drive away.


These are the games that are on the USA home page. The UK version has a somewhat different set up. It is geared for older children because the tasks to complete the game are more difficult. No matter what age your child is, there are Thomas Train Games available for them to play and have fun. For the past several years, online train games have become increasingly popular. These games were developed in the early to mid-1990s. As you can imagine, many of the people who initially flocked to this particular game genre were people who had a great deal of interest in model trains and locomotives in general. Many of the developers themselves were people who had a long-standing interest in this particular genre.


From a conceptual standpoint, many train games revolve around the idea of developing an infrastructure through which an ever increasingly complex assortment of trains can operate. Some variants include attempting to become a tycoon, and others focus more closely on some of the engineering is required to put together a well-planned train system. Throughout the past several years, as online graphics and Internet connectivity speeds have improved, these games and have taken on an even more realistic appearance. Not to mention, there is a great deal of effort that has been put into organizing these games in a way that truly creates an interactive environment in which players feel as if though they are playing a significant role. As a matter of fact, many people who have been playing train games since the very beginning will tell you that the genre has truly grown from very rudimentary graphics and simple gameplay environments to ones that are significantly more advanced.


While it is true that many people who happen to be interested in model trains and locomotives in general are still attracted to these types of games, and also attracted a wider audience of players. This is good news given the fact that the more people who play these types of games, the more incentive developers have in creating ever increasingly more complex and diverse game environments. Train games are certainly here to stay and will remain a part of the Internet for many years to come.