Meet Meir Ezra – Businessman and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Building successful business empires is not a job for novices. This is because a lot goes into it –knowledge, hard work, a good business plan or strategy. If any of these are missing, your business venture is not going to be a success. The problem with beginners is that they do have a lot of enthusiasm but not enough planning and knowledge. If you want to taste success with your first business, some help from Meir Ezra can be really very useful.

First, let us know some facts about this businessman and entrepreneur. Originally from Israel, Meir Ezra lives in Florida and runs 27 companies in 24 countries. Each and every one of it is quite successful and some of these companies are worth over $100 million dollars! He has a good business experience and has helps clients in various countries like the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Russia, Colombia, China, India, the Dominican Republic, Germany, South Africa, Romania, Turkey, the Czech Republic, etc. If you think that he is some guru or preacher or motivational speaker, then you are wrong. Meir Ezra is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who can teach you and educate about the best strategies to run a business. He has helped several budding entrepreneurs in taking their business to new heights. With his proven strategies they have built the businesses of their dreams; a business that allows them to enjoy freedom and a quality life.

Some of his credentials worth taking note of:

  • He is an entrepreneur who has several years of experience across numerous fields. He has many patents registered to his name – an inventor in his own right.
  • He is known for establishing the most successful gasoline management system. The feather in the crown is that it grew to $100,000,000 in just three years.
  • One of his commendable creations is the Time Maker Leadership Software – perhaps one of the most advanced communication and task management software available in the market. This software comprises of every bit detailed aspects that one would need to run a company efficiently and effectively. With a very unique Organizational Resource Planning tool, it can revolutionize the way businesses are done for sure.
  • He was formerly a high ranking submarine diver in the Navy. He also completed advanced in electronic countermeasure technology.
  • He is also a philanthropist and has keen interest in community affairs and charitable causes. He runs many community projects and has donated his invaluable time and several million dollars to many charitable organizations.
  • He has revolutionized schools in Israel with his innovative study technology which has helped thousands of children to enhance their learning ability. It has helped in increasing the standards of schools in Israel.
  • Meir Ezra is very much a family person and lives with his wife of 25 years and three children. He loves and is active in sports like karate, motorcycling and kite surfing.

We will leave you with a quote from this extra-ordinary businessman and human being that will give you an insight into his acumen and thinking.

“Plan without action is a daydream. Action without a plan is a nightmare. A Goal without a plan is a foolish wish”. – Meir Ezra.

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