Stress Reduction Techniques

Figuring out what gifts to give used to be hard. It's getting easier lately, if only because there's one common denominator we all have: Way too much stress. Which means that just about anyone will appreciate a stress relieving gift?

The Internet is awash with stress relief gifts that are not only affordable, they also provide an excellent escape for the user, and some of them are outright indulgent, which, of course, makes them the perfect gift. Spa, massage and aromatherapy items are great for all-over relaxation that calms the senses. Soothing Stress Relief Sounds Course adds to the experience. Scented candles carry the spa feeling throughout your house.

While most people buy some of those for themselves, there's always that niggling feeling of guilt - we don't treat ourselves to things that please us as much as we should. And that's why they make such ideal gifts: We can give them to each other! You can buy those stress relief gifts for your stressed-out friends, relatives and co-workers, even your boss. Chances are, some of them will return the favor sooner or later, and so you too may become the lucky recipient of your very own spa quality gifts.

If you watch the news or read the paper, magazines or online you are always seeing new ways to stay healthy, increase your quality of life, lose weight and stress free. It is rather overwhelming to some and impossible to keep up with let alone, find time to do it all! One thing that the medical field is starting to find is that stress can cause many other issues such as overeating, not eating, weight gain, weight loss, depression, anxiety, sleepless nights and the inability to focus. So, we could find ways to focus on de-stressing that are easy and don't cause more stress to inhibit some of these other things from happening.

Nature and the sounds of running water tend to calm and relax people. This is often why you hear people that enjoy summer months more and are happier in the summer because they can spend so much of their time outdoors. Whether going for walks, listening to the birds, gardening or grilling out on your deck, being outdoors tends to help us relax and unwind. If you think about going for a walk in the woods you often hear babbling brooks or running streams, think of how peaceful these sounds are. This environment is easy to create for your inner space as well so you can enjoy these sounds and beauty all year long.

Sound has always been one of the oldest stimuli used in psychological therapy, as different kinds can produce different reactions from clients, and using the right kind of relaxing music can be a very effective tool to be used as Stress Reduction Techniques. There are many choices of relaxing music available today, ranging from nature based melodies to metallic toned music suitable for meditation. Relaxing music and its therapeutic effect is backed up by a number of scientific researches. The human brain produces different brainwaves depending on its current mental state: alpha brainwaves when it is relaxed, and beta and theta waves when stressed. When the brain is exposed to a tone with frequencies similar to that of alpha brainwaves, for example soft music, it will gradually change the brainwaves to match that of the tone's frequency. This will cause gradual manifestations of stress relief and relaxation, including regulated breathing, heart rate and blood pressure, increased release of "feel good" endorphins and a thorough feeling of calmness and focus. For this reason, music and other ambient sounds are frequently used in meditation and spiritual exercises to increase the relaxing and wholesome effect of these activities.