Personal Injury Compensation Claims

Personal Injury Compensation Claims - Know the FACTS

This article will briefly outline the key things you should know if you are considering making a personal injury claim for an industrial disease, illness or injury within England or Wales.

If you are thinking of making a Personal Injury Claim for Compensation then you need to know the F.A.C.T.S!

F is for First Aid - Get first aid and medical assessment of your illness or injury.

A is for Accident Book - Report your illness or injury to your employer as soon as possible.

C is for Contact - contact a specialist personal injury solicitor for advice on whether you can make a claim for compensation.

T is for Timescale - You must act within 3 years of the date of knowledge of the illness or injury.

S is for Specialist Solicitor = Success - Use a specialist solicitor for your maximum chance of success.

When considering making an injury claim the question 'do I need a solicitor?' is often asked. Andover personal injury solicitors are not a legal requirement but it is well worth thinking about hiring one if you wish to make a personal injury claim. Before making the decision whether or not to hire a personal injury solicitor to manage your claim you need to consider exactly what they can do for you.

How personal injury solicitors can help?

First and foremost, personal injury solicitors come in many different shapes and sizes. Some specialize in specific areas of injury law and others have more experience. If you are searching for a personal injury solicitor you need to ensure that they have the right level of experience for your case and if you can find someone who specializes in a relevant area that should also strengthen your case.

When initially meeting with solicitors they will be able to advise you on the specifics of your case i.e. how much hip compensation you could receive and the likelihood of the claim being successful. This is the perfect time for you to assess whether or not it is worth making a claim or not.

A solicitor will also be able to tell you exactly how to make your case as strong as possible. One of the best ways is to gather as much evidence as possible that supports your claim. The types of evidence depend on what you are claiming for i.e. for a car accident take down the details of any witnesses who can prove that you were not a t fault. Once you inform a personal injury solicitor of all aspects of your situation they will be able to tell you which forms of evidence will best suit your case.

Are they the right solicitor for me?

As mentioned earlier, it is best if you can obtain the services of a Bournemouth personal injury Solicitor who has experience with similar cases. You also need to be aware of how much they will charge you for their services. Many solicitors handle things differently, you may have to pay a fixed fee for their time or only a nominal fee and the rest after the case has concluded. Make sure you can afford their services because should the worst case happen and you lose, you could be left with a hefty legal bill to pay. However, if you have a good lawyer and a strong case you should be successful in making a claim.