Culinary School - Gourmet Experiences

Nowadays it's not a problem to get all the ingredients you need. Discount chains have jumped on the healthy food bandwagon and offer a plethora of asian products in their range. Everything you won't get here will be available in the local asia store, even fresh asian fruits are imported daily to Europe and America.

But still, once arriving back home from holiday, the use of a wok is unfamiliar, the whole dish becomes an experiment and the fear to make mistakes adds unnecessary tension to the whole cooking process. Better one could have a look over a masters shoulder and try under supervision the handling of the alien cooking equipment. And lucky for us, there are possibilities to do exactly that; learn Thai cooking and ingredient knowledge from masterful and certified teachers by participating in practical lessons and courses.

Thai culinary school will usually integrate you into the whole process of a meal, starting with shopping for the ingredients on the local market. It is here you will learn your first lessons in choosing the right ingredients, be they meat, fish, herb or spice. You will learn how to spot fresh ingredients from lesser quality ones and their name in the Thai language.

Armed with the bare necessities for a delicious meal, you will return to the cooking school where each of the students will receive an apron and their own cooking station. You will sort through the shopping with your teacher and arrange the ingredients according to the meals you will cook, before chopping them to bite sized pieces as preparation for the quick style of Thai cooking. Your teacher for the day will first execute the steps in front of you to see and then lets you repeat with helpful advice at hand. Very little can go wrong with a master of the art to guide you through the do's and don'ts inherent in learning to cook a new cuisine.

Most courses are available with different meals or as packages over multiple days so you can learn to cook what you love to eat, from the ever popular green curry, through to the more fiery spicy Thai style salads and soups. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Just ask your local Thailand tours operator for advice, more often than not a full itinerary and sample menus can be advised in advance to make sure the class is right for you. Step by step you will create a multi-course meal over the period of the class, which can be enjoyed afterwards in the company of your teacher and classmates, and is considered by many the highlight of the experience as it is an opportunity to make friends and exchange ideas.

Thai cookery classes are great fun and an inexpensive way to take a part of your holiday experience home and impress family and friends with your newly acquired cooking skills. You can find team building cooking schools in all major towns and tourism centers and it is strongly advised to your research in advance and make sure the class is right for you. Corporate cookery classes are growing in popularity. In the last year alone, one major cookery centre reported a 67% year-on-year increase in bookings.

These activities are popular as they offer an enjoyable, low-stress activity which still promotes problem-solving and good communication. At the event, the team create a meal together that they can all sit down and enjoy at the end. Cooking activities are used by many businesses to help lift employees' spirits and to reward them for their hard work.

Activities such as corporate cookery classes can help staff get to know each other - even shy people can get involved as there is the shared focus of the cookery days task. It also helps employers get to know staff's strengths and weaknesses - often ones they would have never have had chance to notice in the normal work environment. Menus for corporate team building events can usually be tailored to suit your company and accommodate any food sensitivities. A competitive edge can even be added to inject some excitement and provide a challenge.