Know More Evelyn Ackah

The city of Calgary, Alberta witnessed the successful foundation of the great Ackah business based on the immigration law on the first day of the month of December in the year of 2010.the city witnessed Evelyn Ackah to be the sole founder as well the managing lawyer of the great business. During her regular practice sessions, the main areas which mainly remain under her stern focus are the Canadian and the US business immigration laws. Her main job is to provide expert advisory with strategies to her clients on aspects involving the subject of immigration comprising mainly of matters like mobility of employees and relocation of the same. She is also a citizenship lawyer along with being mainly focused on the immigration law. Her main field of expertise mainly involves ‘employment law, immigration law, legal writing, corporate law, litigation, visas, corporate guidance, legal advice, legal issues, citizenship, legal research, human resources, privacy law, legal assistance, courts, immigration issues, appeals and even the administrative law’.

The clients ask and demand for her extremely strategic and helpful advice for her expertise in the filed of law and business, that helps them to corporate in the best possible way which in turn helps in the better enhancement of the development and implementation of the immigration strategies. Thus, the clients under the supervision About Evelyn Ackah can successfully secure their respective desired business objectives. Apart from all these, this lady even has been in regular connections with the embassies, high commissions and consulates all over the country of Canada, the US and even had been a help for the visa posts that are present throughout the world and all these are only due to her regular submissions of her writings and oral submissions. The applications for the immigration cases that are pursuant to the NAFTA, GATS and pertaining to the immigration and refugee protection act are also prepared and then followed by submission by her only. She also involves herself in counseling clients on issues that are related to the aspects of personal tax, customs, social security and insurance, health insurance and passports.

The various applications for the visas that involve businesses and work permits for countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and other such EU countries. Her expertise that has been involved with the concerning cross-border privacy issues, ITAR- international traffic in arms regulations is also enough praiseworthy. Moreover, her efforts on a regular basis have successfully helped in the deeming of the exports of controlled technologies all over the world. The various large financial institutions, international corporations and organizations that involve in frequent recruitments in a global basis are equally familiar of the immigration advice that Evelyn Ackah provides in her counseling sessions with her clients, throughout her long years of practice. Not only this, she is even one of the most frequent and deliberate speakers at numerous world renowned conferences and seminars held all across the country, which are mainly based on the subject of her expertise-immigration and citizenship legal issues.