Dr. Paul Lubitz And His Profile

Dr. Paul Lubitz is a Canadian. He is a licensed dermatologist with the experience of more than ten years.  Today he is practicing at his Bow Valley Dermatology clinic which is located in Canmore, Alberta. Dr. Paul Lubitz has expertise in performing a broad range of dermatological treatments, from medical dermatology with an importance on disease prevention, to skin cancer diagnosis and treatment to cosmetic surgery and skin improvement. Dr. Lubitz lives in Canmore Alberta in a beautiful Bow River Valley Part of Canada, with his wife since many years.

He was an excellent student in his schools. He always bought highest marks and stood on higher rank in his primary and high school years in 1991. He had completed his graduation with distinction from McGill University. He loved to study about medicines; he also achieved the degree of Bachelor of Science. Dr. Lubitz decided to apply to medical school after achieving the degree of Bachelor of science. He took a wise decision, as in 1992, he was accepted to the prestigious medical program at Queen’s University. Here also he got success in achieving excellent marks and in the year 1996 he earned his medical degree. Than after five years post graduation residency at the University of Alberta, in the year 2001 he earned his license to practice dermatology. Also he got ten years experience as a dermatologist. He also runs his own dermatological clinic since last ten years. Caring for a patient stands on the highest priority in Dr Paul Lubitz clinic. His clinic truly suits both his mind and his work values, something that becomes obvious when speaking with him. The people living near Bow river Valley truly value the idea of living a balanced life, this place is different from the other part of the country. They believe in creating harmony between their work lives and enjoy things out of work, they gives importance to friends, family and the spectacular outdoors pursuits this region has to offer..  Dr Paul Lubitz learned here that living a balanced life is living a healthier life, both physically and mentally. By coming to this place he promised to himself that he will not stick to his work all the time avoiding his friends, family and enjoyment of the beautiful nature of the Bow Valley, the people living here inspires him to stick with his promise. He was working 16 hours a day, and 7 days of week in his previous position, so it is clear that most of the time he was busy in work so he almost have no social life outside his work. His medical practice were tremendous as he dedicated most of the part of his life in practicing by ignoring his social life because of this his relationships were terribly affected. Now he learnt to make some space for his social life also. Dr. Lubitz says that for him dermatology provides best of both worlds- it nourish into my love for the aesthetic or visual elements in life and it weds this with the chance to heal and relieve his patients. This was the reason behind his dedication towards dermatology. If you want to learn more him, click here to visit.