CNC Router Operations

CNC machines are computer controlled machines and hence, they are far more precise and accurate than those operated manually. They make use of computer software and electronics to drive a mechanical system. A CNC router can practically do all the things done by human operated router. Since, they reduce human involvement in a work process; they speed up the manufacturing process and reduce production cost substantially. The operator who runs the processes on this machine must be trained to use them efficiently. Basically, commands need to be entered into the system by the operators; which are eventually sent to the controlling unit in the machine and the machine works as per the given command. Let’s try and understand how a CNC router functions.

A CNC router can cut three directions, generally referred to as the X, Y and Z axis. With the help of these axes, it is determined where to position the machine tool. The X axis is usually the longest and runs in the horizontal direction, Y determines the width of the product and Z runs up and down the machine. Depending on the job co-ordinates, numbers are fed into these axes. Depending on the commands entered into the machine, the job gets done. If you are looking for CNC routers, then we at Advanced Machinery can help you. We are a premier vendor for CNC machines, be it automatic or semi-automatic. Our Easyroute 3 axis CNC router is one of the bestselling products. It comes with weihong NK105 system. If you are looking to buy, then no need to search any further as you can buy it from us at very affordable price.

Our Easyroute 3 axis CNC router is very easy to use and operate. When you operate this CNC router, you have the option to choose either an automatic mode or manual mode. These is also the option of state feedback in the router for the operator, such as idle state, running state, error state, pause state and lock state.The control panel of the Easyroute CNC route is both light and concise. With the use of a single button or a combination of buttons, all the operation can be realized. We advise all the operators using our machine to go through the instruction manual and leaflets before beginning any work. The manuals are thorough and are self-explanatory. However, if you do not understand any of the CNC router functions, then need not worry. We are here to help you out. Our customer service representatives are always a call away. We are very proud of the technical support and the after sales service we provide our customers with. With years of experience and training, our customer service representatives have the technical knowledge to help you with any of your queries. So, in case you run into any problems or do not understand any particular function or instructions, feel free to call us.

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