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Are you interested in making a foray into the sign making field? Then surely, you must have wondered about the basic criteria that you should consider before making a purchase of vinyl cutters. It is also obvious that the question of how to choose the best vinyl cutters at the best price must have crossed your mind. To start with let’s understand what exactly are vinyl cutters?


Vinyl cutters are computer controlled cutters that are used to cut out shapes and letters from thin self-adhesive plastic sheets. The movement of the blades is controlled by computer; hence the cutting is very precise. It is mainly used for making signs, banners and advertisements.


Choosing your first vinyl cutting blades can be a daunting task. For often than not most startups take into account these factors: speed, force and price. This could be good criteria about a decade back. But, today you need to consider more than these factors alone. You should consider about the drive motor of the vinyl cutters, tracking of the cutters and also the tech support from the vendor.


When considering about the drive motor you have two choices, one is the stepper motor which is a mechanical stepper motor run by physical gears. It is economical but the down side of it is that its operation is noisy and less precise. The other choice is servo motor which runs digitally. Hence, they are quitter in operation and very precise. This motor also offers you superior tracking. Tracking is the ability of the cutter to maintain path while cutting along the length of the vinyl.


To give you an idea, digitally driver cutters are up to ten times more precise then the stepper motor. Also, you have to be very specific as to what your vinyl cutting blades are going to cut. If they are going to cut small cut outs and letters a basic cutter would do, but if your business involves cutting out larger letters and cutouts in the range of 8-12 feet then you ought to be very careful about choosing your blades.


If you are beginner in this field, then understanding the various intricacies of these blades can be a bit overwhelming. Hence, it is imperative that you choose a vendor who understands your needs and can educate about the choices you have. They can suggest your various options and help you make an informed decision.


We, at Advanced Machinery provide you exactly that. With years of experience in this field our sales representatives are thoroughly trained to explain you all the pros and cons of these cutting blades. You can find various vinyl cutters for sale on our shop and can browse through our online catalogue to check out the variety of cutters we have.


The tech support from the vendor is as important as the features of the cutting equipment. We understand that and hence, we strive to make sure that your clients get the best possible service at the best price. Feel free to contact us to discuss the vinyl cutting blade needs for your business.


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