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Start with a great idea and plan: Creating your perfect garden begins with an excellent idea translated into great garden design. The best design concepts and blueprints provide both creative and practical support for realising a client’s ideal scheme. The Garden Builders start the process by helping clients look for inspiration. They share two to three concepts on paper prior to settling on a final design. The finished garden design can be visualised by the client through a detailed plan and 3D perspective drawings. In practical terms, the garden design also enables accurate scaling of the garden as well as accurate costings for the landscape contractor. The garden design also helps anticipate problems and manage the project more efficiently.

Renowned within the industry for creating beautiful, well-constructed gardens optimally managed within time and budget, the Garden Builders have built up an excellent reputation the last 18 years for award-winning garden design and landscape consultancy. Top creative professionals with a five-star review on Google Plus, the Garden Builders continuously delight their clients with projects and schemes rich in detail and interest.

The design process usually begins with an initial meeting with the client, often on site, to discuss client needs and wants and evaluate the garden environment. An accurate survey of the garden follows, noting existing trees and garden levels. A second meeting with the client further refines the brief into a more concrete plan which includes budget considerations. The garden designer then works on design options for the client, presenting sketches for further consideration and discussion, leading to a final lead design. Once the design is agreed upon, the garden designer produces a master plan, which includes 3D perspectives, elevation drawings, material specifications and any planting plans, if requested. The client at this stage can also address options for irrigation, lighting, furniture and planters. When the master plan is completed, the necessary specifications are given to the landscape contractor for accurate pricing.

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