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Vinyl cutters are increasingly used in the sign making industry. They are an amazing piece of equipment that is used to cut out shapes and letters from thin self-adhesive plastic sheets. If you are into sign making business, then owning a vinyl cutter is a must for you.


It will prove to be invaluable equipment for your business as it allows you to cut out personalized shapes on demand and doesn’t leave you to the mercy of supplier to ship you the needed items. Vinyl Cutters are very easy to use as well. Some models may have something more than others and a different working process, but the underlying process is pretty simple.


Let’s have a look what you need to do:

First you have to place the heat transferring material under the pinch rollers, adjust the force and speed. You have to specific to the media you are going to cut. You then have to send the artwork from your computer to the cutter and the result is a custom designed cut you wanted. One you weed them it is ready to use.


But, one thing that every vinyl cutter user must know is how to troubleshoot problems. However, good your machine is, it is after all a machine and after some time it is might very possible run into some snags. In such cases, you must keep calm and troubleshoot the problem in the vinyl cutter.


Here are a few vinyl cutter troubleshooting tips that will help you to maximize the material and will increase the life of the vinyl cutting blades.


Problem 1: Does the blade appear to be skipping and as a result you are getting some uncut sections in your design?


If you are experiencing this problem, then it is time to check and replace your cutting strip. Check it the cutting strip has got grooves and if it has, then it is time to change it. This strip is right there along the bottom of the cutter and it acts as a protection from the blade and extends the life of the blade. This blade should be checked from time to time and should be replaced periodically.


Problem 2: Is your printer not cutting consistently, even after adjusting the force? Is it cutting through the Mylar carrier?


In this case, you should check the blade extension. Your blade extension is not supposed to extend more than 3 inches below the blade cutter. Make sure to cut within the specific ranges for the material as mentioned in the cutter manufacturer’s manual.


It is also important that you go through the user’s manual and run test cuts on your machines to make sure of the settings. If you encounter problems that you think you cannot address contact your supplier. 


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Advanced Machinery is a premier name when it comes to computer controlled, automatic and semi-automatic machinery with high precision and high output capacity. Through this article we want to share some important vinyl cutter troubleshooting tips.


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