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Dr. Alawashez

Who is Dr. Alawashez?

Dr Abdulrahim Alawashez is a well known general surgeon who is popular for endoscopy surgery that proves to be very helpful for all his patients. He is an active member of a number of professional medical societies and also plays an important role in the development of the medical field.


Dr Abdulrahim Alawashez article informs you about his specialty and education and also helps you to get to know about his expertise significantly. He is an experienced surgeon who specializes in the laparoscopic gastrointestinal and endoscopy surgery. His expert has also made him fit and perfect as a serving staff surgeon in different hospitals around Canada.


You can also get to know About Dr Abdulrahim Alawashez through various social networking sites and through different hospitals of Canada. He is a Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada and the United States Medical Board. Since he started his career he has played an efficient role to provide effective solution to his patients and to help them to deal with several healths related issues and problems. He has also earned a number of certification during his long career. Click for information about his career graph and education.


His educational qualification:

Dr Abdulrahim Alawashez has gained his bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at the King Saud University of Saudi Arabia and then did an internship there after which his postgraduate training was completed in Canada and the United States of America. He has gained certificates from the American Board of Surgery in 2013 and is also a proud owner of Specialist certificate in General Surgery from the College de Medecins du Quebec.


Being a part of medical workshops:

He has participated in several surgical focused workshops in order to meet with other surgeons and share their ideas and experience. He is also a regular speaker on surgery topics in several seminars and workshops through which he disseminates his knowledge with other surgeons and young and aspiring ones. About Dr Abdulrahim Alawashez it is a well known fact that he has a passion for helping others, whether they are his patients or colleagues, he always put his hand forward for their help and assistance.


His passion for profession:

Dr Abdulrahim Alawashez article informs you about his career and educational qualification and also gives an insight view about his contribution in the field. It is his passion for his career and profession that has made him joins the Canadian Red Cross as an Emergency response Unit delegate. He also serves as a Peer review member of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Click for information and get to know more details about his career and profession along with his contribution in the field and in the lives of his patients. He has always been n inspiration for the junior and young surgeons and encourages them to play an important role in the field of medical surgery. He also makes them realize the effectiveness of a strong and friendly relationship with patients that can be the key reason for the success of the surgery. He focuses that this relation also delivers trust and brings a reliable reputation for them.