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The World Wide Web was primarily discovered with the idea of sharing information and to make information as accessible to the people as possible. One such information centre is By its very extension it is evident that this information centre is for the Canadian citizens. It is free and one only needs internet to access its online services. The user count of this website registers an astounding figure of 1.7 million every month. It is used for a variety of services that include information of people and business in their yellow business pages and also white business pages. reviews has opened up a whole new horizon of advertisement that includes customers having no stake in a certain business or product endorsing it by giving positive reviews.

411 services that are telephone based are chargeable while the online portal is absolutely free. does not charge anything for its directory services that includes you can find a Business, orfind a person as well as Reverse Lookup.

This service of maintaining an online directory and maps by not only provide a huge inventory of information but also gives a common platform to the buyers and sellers. It helps its users find and research a large number of products, businesses and services. Small businesses struggling to find a foothold in the Canadian market is often advised to Read about advertising to improve its chances.

One of the best services provided by is a separate page for reviews by customers. It does wonders in building the reputation and the image of a business. The best thing about reviews is that it provides a common platform for the consumers where they can share their experience of using different products and services. Not only does this help in the publicity of a business but it helps other consumers in their choice as well as gives an organisation a look into the mindset of the consumers and the image of its own product.

In the age of internet every company finds the need to maintain a website where its information, products, job offerings, contacts are available to everyone. promotes this cause by helping the different Canadian businesses get a online platform by providing easy, secure and fast access to internet domain names like Internet domain names as well

Apart from these, also provides advertising products that are low in cost targeting both the SME (Small to Medium enterprises) as well as the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office Business Segments). This is enormously beneficial to the businesses in local markets. It enables them to research the local market, find new customers and be available to them according to their category as well as location of specific choice. By just a click for information in the website one can access terabytes of data relating to people, business and the market in general.

There is absolutely no click fee and one only has to bear the fees of the required advertisement. Looking back in the history of this information portal one observes that was transferred into a different company, The 411 Local Search Corporation in the year of 2006. enjoys plentiful shareholders with Yellow Media Inc. Being the largest of all. Yellow Media Inc. has got a 30% equity stake as noted in a transaction in March,2010. One may visit for further information.