divorce military

Divorce Military:

The Rules And The Troubles

It is a fact that people who do not care for each other and are yet married do not tend to have a long lasting married life. Sooner or later they will approach for a divorce. However, this is not an exception in case of military persons as there might be trouble with military personals and their spouses as well. This can cause a severe issue in their married life and could also bend towards a divorce.


When there is a disagreement between married couples then there is sorting out. However, if the couples are not happy with their married life they can file for a divorce. There are some basic rules and regulations that are followed when divorces are considered.


Divorce can be filed by anyone, from a common man to military personnel. However, there are certain more added rules and regulations when military married couples are considered. Generally, military persons might be on duty and there might be a case filed for divorce.


This could be troublesome and the military member might be unaware of this situation. Therefore, there are separate rules for divorce military options which need to be followed by every military person’s spouse.


When divorces are considered there should be a mutual disagreement from both the members of the spouse. However, in case of military persons, divorce military should be such that there must be at least a 10 years of married life. Also, the military person should have been in the military for more than 10 years. This criterion is, however, dependent on countries as well as states.