Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe Product Review

The Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe is the smartest mini vibrator on the market. It is an App controlled vibrator that you can play by yourself, but the magic really comes when you play with your partner. The Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe is remote controlled vibrator that operates through an Apple IOS or Android app. Using the app you can control the vibrations of the Mini Vibe through a variety of pattern options; voice, patterns, manual, motion sensor, custom, games music player, and even Kegel training. The variety of functions will provide you and your partner endless pleasure for many play sessions.


Here are a few examples of how the Mini Vibe will bring the “Ohhhhh” to your orgasms.


The Remote Voice Control works great whether your partner is across the room or across the world. No matter what the distance, your partners voice commands will drive the vibrations. With the voice control, users can remote control though Skype or other web video chat applications. With every word, every command, the message is delivered to your pleasure point through the smart mini vibe. With the music player you can put on your favorite song or playlist and the smart mini vibe will move with the rhythm of the song, enhancing your pleasure and giving a whole new meaning to moving to the beat.


Imagine playing a video game with your lover and having the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe pleasure through the pace of the gaming. Whether you win or lose the game, you are sure to win a big orgasm. These are just a few details of the great functions of the Magic Motion Mini Vibe.  The Mini Vibe is also, green, safe, and water-proof. It meets EU and US environmental standards. The Mini Vibe is made of medicine-level silicone.  It is water-proof and easy to clean.  The Mini Vibe is compact has a powerful high-speed motor, and is USB rechargeable. The Mini Vibe lasts 3-4 hours on a 1-2 hour charge. You can get the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe at in either purple or pink. Update your vibrator collection today and launch your toys into the 21st century. You and your play partner will find endless pleasure with the variety the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe will bring to your love life.