Erase The Trauma Of Parental Alienation With Brian Ludmer’s Law!

Most of the divorce cases that involve custody of children are characterized by parental alienation syndrome. This is a term used to describe the hatred doses pushed in by one parent into child’s brain against the other parent. This is a painful situation for the parent who is not given the custody. There are many instances where the deprived parents are kept away from meeting their children by conspiracy webs of the other parents who have the custody. The children are religiously taught to hate their other parent. As a result the child is deprived from his right to parental love from both his parents. It affects the child’s normal mental growth and the chances of him to be a good human being in future minimizes. By reading a Brian Ludmer law article on parental alienation and the way out from it, any victim of this trauma can find a vent to his frustrations.


Brian Ludmer is a Toronto based business lawyer by training and has done his studies on law from the Toronto University. In spite of his strong corporate law background, he takes special interest in the cases of parental alienation. He has successfully solved many of them in his career. Brian Ludmer lawyer is thus better known for his parental alienation case expertise. He has written several articles and conducted conferences on this topic. Since he has suffered the similar misery in his own life, it is now like an oath to him for educating the world about the disasters of parental alienation and also the solutions for it. 


If any unfortunate parent victimized by the parental alienation syndrome, gets to read about Brian Ludmer law, then he can replenish his relationship with his kids. Ludmer has formulated very effective legal, practical and psychological strategies to combat the problem of parental alienation. According to Ludmer’s researches, in 90% of the cases, the father of the child has been alienated by the mother by injecting hatred poisons to the child’s mind against his father. According to Ludmer, it is like a plague that ruins the existence of a child’s emotional development. It is definitely a crime that kills a person’s inner confidence and destroys a child’s humanitarian feelings.


There are instances where the mother takes out hatred campaigns against the divorced father or the father accuses the mother about kidnapping the child. These are examples of the naked cruelty of the human race that does not even care for a child’s mental turmoil to satisfy their ego. It is not impossible that such children should grow up as drug addicts or criminals without the feelings of love and affection. The deprived parents are also highly traumatized with such hatred attitudes from their own children. You can click for information on the various websites that publish articles on this subject. You will find Ludmer’s articles there.  Brian Ludmer has created a great influence on the crowd with his speech on parental alienation in the Canadian Symposium. He is also about to conduct the first international conference on this subject soon.