Evelyn Ackah

 Ms. Evelyn Ackah is passionate about immigration law as it includes peoples and their relationships. She admires humanity from the core of her heart. She had started her legal career as a corporate lawyer. She realized, she craved the rewards of having direct contact with clients. With business immigration law she could work with corporation and people who make them flourishing.

Because of the highly specialized nature of business immigration law takes Evelyn Ackah to stay on at the front position of legal and policy development to guarantee to her clients are fully grumble with the latest regulatory and policy changes and that they appreciate the impacts and nuances of the changes to their people and their business.

However, the business is done in south of the border, across the “pond” or around the world; Evelyn always employs her skill to help clients to attain their preferred business objectives. She develops and gear immigration strategies, provides advice on immigration matters related to employee mobility or repositioning, and assists with worldwide investment opportunities.

Learn about Evelyn Ackah

Evelyn is called to the bar in Alberta and Ontario and also received certificate as a specialist in Citizen and immigration Law by the Law society of Upper Canada (Ontario). She is graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree (political science) in the year 1993. She received her Bachelor of Law degree from the University of British Columbia in the year 1997.

Learn about Evelyn Ackah

Evelyn is ambitious to give back to the community and to stay energetically involved in her profession. According to her, success is contribution amongst personal, professional and community basis. Evelyn give regards to her senior professionals to support her by monitoring her and because of them she got success, and she wants to support other in order to pay the support back. She has monitored hundreds of young law students across the country that was looking for guidance and support as they were beginners.

Evelyn has also supported many low women and their children by millions of dollars to bring them out from poverty and into financial security in her last role as a National Committee member and chair of the Calgary “women moving women” movement, on behalf of the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

More on Evelyn Ackah website:

  1. She assisted an Australian corporation and the organization is to get an approval for 90 LMOs to bring electric transmission workers to Alberta
  2. Assisted North American Construction Company with the development and execution of colonization strategies to relocate 100 specialized workers to Canada for the creation of a cross – border electric transmission line.
  3. Multinational imaging and printing corporation took advise on immigration strategies to assist with employee transfers and secondments from other regions of the world
  4. Acted for national enrollment and staffing companies on major projects to recognize, recruit and reposition a high volume of skilled trades people from around the world to address significant skills shortages in Canada.
  5. Assisted international oil and gas companies to develop colonization policies and processes for international enrollment purposes.
  6. Assisted major Multinational Corporation to establish Canadian and US.
  7. Assisted international Venezuelan corporation with mass LMO application and work permits for highly skilled employees, etc. View this site to get more information.