Electronic Dance Music

The Reasons Why Electronic Dance Music Is Making So Many Young People Happy Now


Electronic dance music refers to club music, dance music, or simply dance. It is basically a set of percussive e-music genres produced for places with dance-centered environments, such as nightclubs. This kind of music is primarily created by disc-jockeys (Djs) and produced with the intention of being played in the form of continuous DJ set, while the DJ keeps progressing from one record to the next via a synchronized mix.

Whenever EDM, electronic dance music is talked about in the media, it is usually described as a negative culture, which includes booze and drugs. But with a bit of research, you will find that there’s a lot of thinking done in the implementation of this culture, keeping in mind the psychological needs of modern people. There is much more to this culture than drugs and in this post, we’d explore some aspects of the same.

 Why Young People Feel Happy Being A Part Of E-D-M Culture?

When you give a closer look to the E-D-M culture, there are certainly several similarities you’ll find that are drawn from the movements taken place in 1960s. You can find out more about electronic dance music at https://www.edmelectro.com where you will learn a lot more about EDM culture. In fact, the whole concept has been adopted and adapted from the very prudent mantra practiced in the 1960s: PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect). The entire theme of this culture has become more of a philosophy and often connected with human well being. On comparison of PLUR with PERMA, you begin to see that there are definitely a connection between electronic dance music and human psychology. Music played in this culture does have positive impact on the mental health of people and make them feel happy and content, at least in that moment. Here are some reasons and affects people feel on their psychology, when they participate in E-D-M culture.

Peace - For people involved in the EDM world, the word 'Peace' means a lot different than usual fashion. It can positively impact the inner feelings, providing a lot of comfort and freedom on as an individual. Most people who participate are usually looking for a break from their usual life.

 Love - Love in this culture can be described in many forms. Beginning with the “love of self”, a lot of youngsters who get involved in this culture start feeling good about their true self and individuality. This is one place where people can be what they are, without having to pretend anything.

Unity - As a result of encouraged 'Peace and Love', those who participate in this culture always try to spread the idea of being united as human-beings. It is the positivity and bond between participants that lead to united human behavior, making things more content.

Respect - Respect follows as people start understanding the concept of love, peace and unity. It can be divided into several different aspects. People start respecting themselves, as well as others who are associated with them.

Given all the pointers discussed above, it won’t be wrong to say that after suffering from the pressures of life, EDM culture can give a boost to anyone’s life, enabling people to enjoy their life, relax and connect with others in a more respectful manner.