Check Out The Background Of Famous Consultant

You must have heard about Jeff Sonnenburg, the philanthropist, the financial pundit, the energy healer, etc. He has a wide range of awards and rewards in his kitty starting from Tibetan Foundation’s certification of him being an accurate Intuitive. From them, he has taken annual tour of ten cities providing lectures on intuition. An organization dedicated to rescue lost kids through a method involving intuition has also been his brainchild. It is now a successful organization with a staff of about 100, who every week try the methods to solve two or three cases.

Educational qualifications

He has received a BA degree in Business and Computer Science from St Ambrose College in Davenport. He has a certificate course in corporate facilitation from Rush Institute in Chicago. From Human Factors International, he has done a course in Ergonomics. He has done a course on Business on Internet from Kansas University in Kansas City. He has done MBA in finance from Rockhurst College in Kansas City. Recent documentation of his life has been thought of because of his brilliant success story, and in this success story his educational qualifications play a major role.

Projects handled

He has worked as a project manager and corporate facilitator for 10 years for C-level executives for at least in seven projects. He has been involved in Strategic Planning and Marketing Creative. He was handling national accounts. He has been involved in the analysis of systems for both technical and business projects. He is currently the Executive Director of Global Network Marketing Online. He also offers consultancy advice to Gizmo. He specializes in social media marketing, strategic planning, online branding and business reorganization. He also publishes weekly financial recommendations in ProForecasts. He is also building his own business Trump Network.

Involved in key positions

He has been the designer and leader to around 100 social media campaigns. He has successfully built a 100-volunteer network in five countries within a year. He has designed national marketing campaigns for around 100 projects, including company Trump Network, his own company. He has played a major role in helping alleged convicts. His useful suggestion had the miraculous result of proving an expected guilty to be an innocent. He has pushed school drop-outs to develop a certain sense of direction, and they have gone ahead and become professionally successful. He has worked as a corporate facilitator for American Airlines. He has also worked as a corporate reorganizer for 200 employees at a particular organization. He has worked as a senior business analyst for Cap Gemini.

Suggestions from the horse’s mouth

He suggests people and leaders having a key role in life, to make another feel positive. Then, good and positive changes will always usher in. People or managers will have to be leaders for the changes to stay. A little praise or encouragement can help workers to do well and push their limit every time at work. It is possible to make impersonal and objective business decisions even with close people. Value the honor and respect people give to you. Prioritize your activities well to run the organization well. These are some of the lessons he has learnt as a consultant over the years. The budding professionals may benefit out of it.